Gwadar port to be made more efficient: Raisani

Balochistan CM Aslam Raisani said that more authority should be given to the federating units.

Talking to the print media editors and electronic media journalists, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Khan Raisani said that the Gwadar Port would be made more efficient soon which would not only strengthen the provincial but also the national economy.

He said that the provincial government would conduct the refining process of the Reko Diq project while the tenders would be invited for the international firms for the mining work.

Raisani said that the provincial government did not create any hurdle for Nawaz Sharif’s Quetta visit but he was provided sufficient security including bulletproof van.

Responding to question regarding the sea storm, the Balochistan CM said that the departments concerned had been alerted.

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