ISLAMABAD: Spokesman Balochistan Government Raziq Bugti Wednesday said that Gwadar port would turn Balochistan into an industrial hub of the region and would greatly help in bringing prosperity to the nation.

Talking to PTV he said,Gwadar Port would generate tremendous opportunities for the people of Balochistan as thousands of jobs and new business will be created by it.

He said,it would fulfill another commitment of the government to the people of Balochistan and would usher in a  new era of development and prosperity.

Free economic zones would be set up near the port which would help harness vast potential in natural resources of the area,he added.

Raziq Bugti said, with the operationalization of the Gwadar port a new era of development had started and the credit goes to government determined to increase the pace of development in Balochistan.

He said,the government had allocated a huge budget for the development projects in Balochistan that would change the fortunes of the province.

With the construction of this port,tourism would flourish in this area he said,adding construction of a cultural center and museum which would cost almost Rs.5 crores is in the last stages of completion.

Raziq Bugti said, Pakistan is already strategically located and this seaport has increased this importance and would make the  access to the Central Asian States more easy.

Source: APP