KARACHI: Hashoo Group has made its mark in property development, construction and real estate business.

The group possesses necessary know-how and international experience to undertake development projects from initial feasibility phase to the final completion. It has successfully promoted development of residential housing and commercial buildings.

Golden Palms – a project of Hashoo Group – is divided into four quadrants named after four palm families: Orania, Scheelea, Areca and Salacca. The Golden Plams is designed with the intention to be an exclusive, independent and serene residential neighbourhood in the commercial, busy hub that Gwadar is to become. It is situated at the western end of Gwadar city, overlooking Gwadar west bay.

It is an opportunity like no other, where the value of investment will increase multifold.

Mcinhardt, Singapore-based urban designers, planned The Golden Palms Estate with a meticulous thought and details. This is a mega project, spread over 100 acres, and has residential, commercial and amenity plots.

There will be a branch of Marriott Hotel within Golden Palms facing towards Arabian Sea.

Source: The News