ISLAMABAD – Countless plot holders and land owners are made to land in deep trouble owing to the leakage of their personal details to some elements, posing them with serious threats in the wake of ongoing security situation.

It dawned upon TheNation that numerous masses of the capital, who purchased plots and lands on down payments or instalments, in the housing societies and different sectors of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, were frequently been contacted by the elements of property mafia, who were persuading, forcing and even threatening the plot holders to sell their plots to the said dealers. This practice goes on with the alleged involvement of some officials in housing societies and Capital Development Authority (CDA).

According to the details, several landowners reported that certain property dealers, estate agents and elements of land mafia, through written letters and phone calls, were frequently contacting them. Such letters and calls aimed at requesting the landowners for the sale of their lands to the said agents. Some letters in both hand written and typed forms, shown to this scribe, carried a bunch of said requests by some property dealers. In addition, the letters lacked the contact details of the senders and were circulated under anonymity.

“Ever since I bought a plot in a sector here, I have been frequently contacted by some property dealers. Initially they used very soft language and offered to pay very high prices against the plot. However, when I didn’t pay them any heed, they started calling me and threatened of dire consequences,” stated a resident of Islamabad, who purchased a plot in sector G-14 some two years back and received dozens of letters from estate agents.
Several other masses shared the similar plight and apprehended that the sharing of their personal information

Source: The Nation