Surrounded by lush green trees in the tranquil setting of centuries-old Saidpur village, a wooden kiosk undoubtedly added to the beauty of the area while maintaining traditional look of the well-preserved tourist spot. Situated at the beginning of road leading to the Saidpur village, the kiosk meant for serving traditional food items to the tourists besides providing them an ideal natural environment to enjoy the food to its fullest extent.

An old kiosk adjacent to the new one remained an ideal place for the labourers and workers to dine in for almost 25 years where the fresh traditional food is served at a very reasonable price but viewing the growing number of visitors in the village on daily basis, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) decided to provide an alternative place to the hotel owners which is far presentable than the older one.

Constructed by the thick wooden trunks, the under construction kiosk truly matches with the serene environment of its surroundings while providing an ideal environment to the visitors to enjoy the sumptuous meal of the region prepared from ‘Desi ghee’ and ‘Makhan’.

Although small in size, it is built in such a manner that forces the passersby to stop and have a glance over the well-built structure, which is embellished with the stone flooring and ropes instead of boundary walls.

Owner of the hotel Hassan Gul said that CDA was bearing all the construction cost of the kiosk, as they wanted to replace the old one because of its dilapidated structure and lack of hygiene. ‘Although it is small in size yet it is built in such a manner that could ensure the hygienic food,” he said.

Hassan said that an area of almost one kanal in the surrounding would be reserved for eating place where the traditional furniture would be installed to provide an ideal eating place to the visitors.

“We are not told about the menu of the new kiosk but we hope that traditional food would be served here,” he said.

On the other hand it is appreciable that the authorities provided a suitable alternative place to the owners of kiosk rather asking them to leave the place as usually happened previously in many cases.

Moreover, the kiosk is nearing completion, as told by the labourers working on it, and it is hoped that its menu would not contradict with its setting which suggests the traditional foods of the provinces of Pakistan including the most famous ‘saag with lassi’, ‘sajji’, ‘halwa poori’ and ‘bar.b.que’. Besides that it should be affordable to the labour class as well as the tourists unlike other eating spots, which usually entertain a particular class of people only.

Source: The News