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Islamabad: Kiosk that adds to attraction of Margalla hills

With too much progress on the capital scene there had been a conscience effort to well preserve its natural characteristics in order to maintain its tranquillity and beauty.

The construction of a wooden kiosk on Margalla hills would definitely be a treat for the nature lovers who often found criticising the massive development at the cost of cutting trees.

After the Saidpur Village, a village named Shah Allah Ditta is going to be the next major attraction for the tourists not only because of its historic background but an extremely natural setting.

Turning right from the toll plaza, a journey into the historic and natural village starts where one encounters with dozens of such rustic experiences that could not be enjoyed otherwise.

With the high mountains, abundance of flora and fauna, splashing streams and historic points – the area is gradually grasping the tourists’ attraction with more and more people visiting the spot on daily basis.

Gauging its growing popularity, a wooden kiosk is being constructed on the mountains with awesome surroundings that had enough to please the aesthetic senses of the visitors.

A small kiosk surrounded with the beautifully decorated flowerpots provides an exotic environment to its visitors to relax and enjoy the serenity of the spot. Moreover the picturesque view of the capital city could thoroughly be enjoyed on the spot while enjoying the hot cup of tea with some snakes.

Having too much to entertain its visitors including the old caves, historic well, Golra shrine and railway station, the area at last have some spot to entertain and refresh its visitors.

According to a man present at the spot of under construction kiosk, there had been a sharp increase in the visitors during last couple of months. “People especially the youngsters throng the spot during evenings,” he said.

He said that some people also arrange parties at this spot and the purpose behind the construction of the kiosk was to facilitate those people. “Previously there was not only spot where the visitors could sit and relax for a while,” he said.

Having a five star culture, the city is in dire need of such spots where there is a chance to equip one self with the precious knowledge of history while soothing the nerves with its natural ambience.

Surrounded by the lush green mountains, the spot is a perfect hangout place where one could enjoy the leisure time with family and friends or alone in an entirely different and natural environment.

Source: The News

Islamabad: Kiosk that adds to attraction of Margalla hills
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Islamabad: Kiosk that adds to attraction of Margalla hills
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