Defence Housing Authority (DHA) spokesman Lt Col (retd) Rafat Naqvi said that after the rain emergency situation of 2007, the authority built a drainage network “on a war-footing basis” at a cost of Rs2.7 billion. “Basically it is the task of cantonment board to develop municipal facilities, such as drainage systems, but we did it considering concerns and needs of our residents,” he said.

Naqvi further said that cantonment boards were levying taxes and were supposed to provide municipal services at the cantonment areas, but DHA was performing such tasks. “We have no issue with cantonment boards”, he added. “We are hand in glove with them. I am sure rains will not bring havoc in our areas this year. Maybe we will encounter some water accumulation, perhaps upto ankles, no more. And even that is a distant possibility”, he concluded.

Source: The News