The progress of the project to reconstruct roads damaged during laying out the new drainage system in DHA was reviewed at the meeting of Works Committee of Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) held at Defence Housing Authority’s (DHA) main office on Friday.

The meeting was chaired by DHA Administrator Brig Khalid, and comprised of representatives from Defence Residents’ Associations, concerned CBC and DHA officials, consultants, engineers and contractors associated with the project, CBC CEO, Zeenat Ahmed, and President Association of Defence Residents’ (ADR) Capt (retd) Kamal-Al- Karimi.

The DHA administrator asked contractors to ensure that road construction was organized and the quality of work not compromised. He also urged the timely completion of the venture in a transparent and professional manner. DHA Works and Special Projects Director, Brig (retd) Iftikhar Haider, would monitor the quality and technical efficacy of the project.

Tirmizi also directed contractors to ensure that minimum inconvenience is caused to residents during the construction of roads. He further stressed the need to improve markings and sign postings at work sites. He said that all sites should prominently indicate diversion routes in the form of guide maps, warning lights and clearly visible indicator signs. He instructed that the name of the contractors, duration of the project and other details should prominently be displayed at the site.

The administrator said that he would personally monitor and get regular feedback about the progress of the project, and urged contractors and engineers concerned to rise to the occasion.

Source: The News