LAHORE: The Consumer Court has summoned a local doctor on August 24 to reply to allegations against him by one Muhammad Anwer of Awan Town for an improper prescription, reported a private TV channel. According to the channel, Anwer visited Dr Ehsan at his clinic in Ichhra to get medicine for fever. The doctor gave him an improper prescription that led to heart problems and Anwer ended up in a hospital’s emergency room where doctors told him that Ehsan’s prescription had caused the heart problem. The complainant has sought Rs 0.43 million from the doctor for damages caused, the channel reported. Separately, Lahore Consumer Court Judge Chaudhry Ijaz Ahmad directed a home appliances company to replace a consumer’s defective refrigerator with a new one. The judge issued this order on a complaint by one Shahzad Ahmed who appealed that he had purchased a no-frost refrigerator from the company on February 25, 2008 for Rs 36,500. He said when he started to use the refrigerator, he found it to had many mechanical defects. He said he had asked the company to fix the refrigerator many times but his requests were ignored. He said he had also served a legal notice but the respondent did not reply. He requested the court to issue the respondent directions to replace the defective refrigerator or to refund it. After hearing both the parties, the judge directed the respondent to replace the defective refrigerator with a new one within 10 days.

Source: Daily Times