LAHORE: District Food Department officials told Daily Times that they were completely satisfied with the cleanliness and hygienic conditions of several restaurants and fast food outlets on MM Alam Road, Gulberg Main Market and Mini Market, during an operation supervised by the district officer (Food) a few days ago.

Chief Food Inspector (CFI) Muhammad Ayub told Daily Times that he had accompanied the DO during raids on the restaurants at MM Alam Road, where most of the most-famous eateries in the city are located. Ayub said the department was satisfied with the arrangements the eateries had made to ensure hygienic food. He added that the inspectors would recheck the eateries in a few days and fine anyone not abiding by the Food Department rules.

The operation aimed at checking the hygienic conditions of the restaurants’ kitchens and dining halls to avert the possible spread of infectious diseases, like gastroenteritis, during the ongoing monsoon season. The inspectors checked whether the dining halls and kitchens, including the stoves and ovens, were clean; the workers were wearing clean clothes, hats and gloves; customers were served in clean plates; the workers’ nails were cut; the food was being prepared in a clean, covered environment; and whether or not the workers were sweating due to the heat and humidity.

DO Dr Masood Ashraf led the team, consisting of food inspectors and several department officials. He said that he had inspected four famous restaurants and had been happy to see that none of them had been violating the Food Department’s rules.

Ignored: However, the department officials completely ignored the low-key fast-food outlets that sell burgers, pizzas, biryani, sandwiches and drinks. These outlets are not only serving and cooking food in very unhygienic conditions, but have also encroached upon the roads and footpaths in front of them. Several of them have their pans and stoves outdoors. The food being cooked at such arrangements gets polluted by the dust and smoke of passing automobiles. They also use adulterated ingredients to prepare the food.

Source: Daily Times