LAHORE: A Lahore Development Authority (LDA) team launched an anti-encroachment operation in the Canal Burg Housing Scheme, Multan Road on Wednesday.

The team demolished boundary walls and other structures that unlawfully sub-divided the housing scheme. It also sealed properties that were illegally being used for commercial purposes.

The Town Planning Wing, the Estate Management Directorate and the Metropolitan Planning Wing of the LDA participated in the operation, which was initiated after the receipt of complaints against illegal sub-divisions in the area. Properties that were sealed for being used as markets are: 16-H, 4-A and 2-A. The property 13-C was sealed because it was being used as a school.

A house was also sealed because it was illegally constructed on a land reserved for a mosque and graveyard. Six boundary walls that had been constructed on various plots without LDA approval were also demolished.

Source: Daily Times