Court issues contempt notice to journalist

ISLAMABAD: Civil Judge Shabana Hameed Mughal on Tuesday issued contempt of court notice to Urdu daily Jinnah’s Chief Editor Kushnood Ali Khan on application of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) housing society for not abiding by court orders to stop media campaign.

The OGDCL Housing Society President Irfan Babar (also the petitioner) filed an application under section 39 rules 2 and 3 of CrPC for initiation of contempt proceedings against the Khan.

Earlier the OGDCL employees’ co-operative housing society filed a suit for grant of decree of permanent injunction against Khan (defendant) retraining/desisting him not to publish advertisement or any other defamatory material in his daily Urdu publication Jinnah and Dopehar”.

The society stated in the suit that the defendant is also a member of the society and have not paid dues to the society.

He did not reply in spite of various demand notices served upon him to pay off his complete outstanding liabilities towards the society, it stated.

They further stated that the defendant instead of complying his liabilities started maligning the society time and again in his news paper knowingly that the said publication advertisement are reflecting adversely upon the status, reputation and hard earned goodwill of the society with brazen disregard to the norms of propriety and morality.

The defendant is using his said daily newspaper without: rhyme and reason for which the plaintiff reserves the right to sue him for consequential defamation in as wished by law.

On Tuesday, according to contempt application, the petitioner filed a suit for grant of permanent injunction against the Khan resisting his not to publish any advertisement containing any defamatory material and petitioner also prayed for grant of temporary injunction.

The application stated that that this concerned court was pleased to grant injunction vide order dated July 14 restraining Khan from illegally publicising any scandalous material against the OGDCL housing society.

The order passed by the court was duly conveyed through court bailiff, fax as well as courier services and it was fully brought in the knowledge of the Khan.

Petitioner stated that the Khan in spite of being aware of the court order did not obey the same and continued to disobey the order of this court and subjected the court of a vile attack.

The petitioner said that chief editor of Jinnah had been allotted three plot of one kanal each in OGDCL housing society, in which plot number 1612-A and 1614-A was in his own name and plot number 1615-A in his wife name.

He said after doing so had not paid any amount to the society then accordance to society rules and regulation various demand notices were served upon him to discharge his complete outstanding liabilities toward the society.

When the society served him notices regarding plots payment matter the Khan had started a media campaign against the housing society.