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NIEECHS Rs 630 million scam

ICT admin serves notices on executive body to recover 140 kanals land

* Two property dealers instructed to deposit Rs 69 million in society’s account within 15 days

* Inquiry confirms that 140 kanals land was sold in violation of housing societies rules

ISLAMABAD: An inquiry regarding Rs 630 million corruption and violation of laws in National Institute of Electronics Employees Cooperative Housing Society (NIEECHS) has been completed that confirmed that 140 kanals of land was sold to some persons in clear violation of Cooperative Housing Societies Rules 1927 and byelaws of the society.

Inquiry also confirmed that Rs 69 million were deposited in the bank accounts of two persons through pay orders, internal transfers and cheques.

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has sent notices to nine members of NIEECHS managing committee to recover the land and another notice has been sent to Malik Saeed Akhtar and Gul Nawaz who received Rs 69 million during deal, to deposit the amount in the accounts of society otherwise First Information Reports (FIRs) will be initiated against all persons.

Daily Times published a report on May 24 that 23 years ago NIEECHS purchased 212 kanals of land in Mouza Naugazi, Fateh Jang Road but later on management decided to grab the land with the alleged cooperation of land mafia. General body meeting of the society was called and it was proposed to move NIEECHS land on exchange basis. Deputy Registrar, Islamabad, also attended that meeting. The executive committee proposed that Mouza Naugazi land will be exchanged with land in Mouza Mughal Parri. A deal was struck with M/s Islamabad Corporation in this regard but in the end M/s Islamabad Corporation transferred scattered land near Radio Pakistan Rawat ignoring that the value of that land was less. It was further mentioned that agreement was only for exchange of land but NIEECHS sold 60 kanals of land to Arif Javed Rao son of Bashir Ahmed Rao for Rs 19.5 million. Although price of land was showed less in documents to steal tax but even then that amount was never deposited in society’s account. It was also mentioned in the news that Circle Registrar was informed about it but he did not bother to take action.

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmed took a notice of that news report and instructed the circle registrar to proceed under section 43 of Cooperative Housing Societies Act 1925. After completion of inquiry a letter No 1371/CR/ICT/B has been sent to President NIEECHS Muhammad Aslam, Vice President Muhammad Maqbool Minhas, Secretary Javed Altaf Sheikh, Treasurer Fazal Hussain and executive members Saeedur Rehman, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Mazhar Khan, Muhammad Sadiq Malik and Gul Hayat Khan in which they were informed that as per inquiry report, it has revealed that they were permitted by the General Body Meeting of the Society held on November 24, 2007 and subsequently by the department to only exchange land of society at Mauza Naugazi to another suitable place but without any authority, they sold 140 kanals land of the society in connivance with M/s Islamabad Corporation/ other dealers, which was serious irregularity and embezzlement on their part. They were directed strictly to recover the society’s land sold in open market and get it transferred back in the name of society within period of 15 days, otherwise strict action including registration of FIR shall be initiated against them and M/s Islamabad Corporation/ other dealers under Cooperative Societies Act 1925, Cooperative Societies Rules, 1927 and Byelaws of the Society.

An other letter No 1370/CR/ICT/B has been sent to two property dealers Malik Saeed Akhtar and Gul Nawaz that over Rs 69 million were deposited in their accounts through internal transfer, in cash, cheques and pay order number 199803, 199805, 546629, 74249, 546641, 546647, 546650, 408801, 408809, 408810, 408811, 408813, 408814, 408825 and cheque number 408824. Both persons are also instructed to deposit the amount of Rs 6,90,20,000 in the account of NIEECHS within period of 15 days, otherwise strict action including registration of FIR shall be initiated against them under Cooperative Societies Act 1925, Cooperative Societies Rules, 1927 and Byelaws of the Society.

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