ISLAMABAD: Government has beefed up the security of Chinese workers at Gwadar Port after the tragic incident of May-3.

This was assured by Federal Secretary, Ministry of Communication Iftikhar Rashid while talking to Chinese delegation which met him under the leadership of Lu Shulin here on Monday.

He told the delegation that owing to significance of the port, the Federal Government in collaboration with the provincial government of Baluchistan had already adopted stringent measures for the security of Chinese working at Port as well as in other parts of Baluchistan.
He said the Government is not only making hectic efforts to trace the culprits but creating favourable working atmosphere in order to complete the work timely. He said that the people of Pakistan had equally shared the grief of Chinese brethren in which their people lost their lives.


The port authority had dug a deep trench for the security besides being guarded by different security agencies.
The Secretary assured the delegation that their personnel working at Gwadar could seek the help of any official of Communication Ministry at any time on any issue.

Trade Business

He said that after the completion of Karakorum Highway the trade business from China is expected to be increased. He wished that this port must be inaugurated on December 25 this year.

China Thanks

The leader of Chinese delegation Lu Shulin thanked the government of Pakistan for taking appropriate security measures for Chinese working at Gwadar Port.

He hoped that the investigating agencies would left no stone unturned to trace the real culprits involved in the incident of May-3. He assured that such incidents would never affect the ties between the China and Pakistan.

Additional Secretary K.B. Rind and Joint Secretary of the Ministry, Khizer Hayat also attended the meeting.

Source: Pakistan Times