LAHORE: Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) and Citi Foundation on Tuesday announced the launching of Citi-PPAF Micro entrepreneurship Awards (CMA) 2009 programme here on Tuesday.

PPAF CE/MD Kamal Hyat, Citi Country Officer/Managing Director Arif Usmani, Chief Strategy Officer PPAF Ahmad Jamal and Operating officer PPAF Kamran Akbar were present on this occasion. Huzoor Buz and Kubra Asghar, national male and female winners for CMA 2008, were also present to share their experiences.

Now in its sixth year, the objective of the CMA programmes is to highlight and promote the effective role microfinance plays in poverty alleviation. In particular, the program seeks to generate recognition for extraordinary contributions that individual micro entrepreneurs have made to economic sustainability of their families as well as their communities. Specific goals of CMA programme are to raise awareness about microfinance, particularly among micro entrepreneurs who could benefit from it, to recognize and celebrate the contributions that micro entrepreneurs bring to the world economy and to highlight best practices in micro entrepreneurship. The awards also aim at raising awareness and support for micro entrepreneurs by highlighting their talents and accomplishments among the investment and donor community throughout the world. These awards are also meant to create the next generation of microfinance networks, build more inclusive financial sectors and lay foundation for a flourishing microfinance industry.

The CMA programme is held annually to recognise and reward leadership, entrepreneurial skills and best practices of individual micro entrepreneurs at national, provincial and regional level. This program aims at creating awareness regarding the effectiveness of microfinance as a tool in fight against the poverty besides encouraging the award winning micro entrepreneurs.

This year awards worth over $750,000 would be presented in the categories of “Best National Micro-entrepreneur Male”, ‘Best National Micro-entrepreneur Female’ and four “Best Provincial Micro-entrepreneurs’, with one runner-up for each category. Special recognition awards will be also given to the respective Loan Officers and representatives of Microfinance Institutions at an elaborate event planned for later this year. Applications received from microfinance institutions under the abovementioned categories will be screened before being passed on to members of an independent advisory panel for final interview of candidates to decide winners and runners-up.

Source: Daily Times