DUBAI — The Dubai Real Estate Court ruled recently that a real estate firm should pay back Dh423,000 to a customer (the complainant in the case) after it has been proved that it had failed to complete a property project he had signed up to purchase.

The court also cancelled the purchase deal which had been signed by the complainant and the property developer in September 2008. According to the court order, the firm has also to pay up a legal interest of 5 per cent as of the claiming date in September 2010.

The complainant sued the firm after it had failed to complete the property project he had signed up to purchase.

To prove his claims, the complainant provided the court with an original copy of a letter from the Land Department showing the details of the project.He also presented a copy of the purchase deal of the plot with its proper legal translation.

Counsel Hani Hammouda of Eissa Bin Haidar for Advocacy and Legal Consultancy on behalf of the complainant had filed a series of arguments. In the course of the legal proceedings, a report issued by a real estate organisation institution showed that only 1.5 per cent of the project had been completed. The findings were confirmed by an independent engineering expert hired by the complainant. Hammouda argued that the findings proved that the complainant was denied his rights.

He requested that the plot purchase deal his client had signed be cancelled and order the property firm to return more than Dh423,000 it had received from the complainant, in addition to the legal interest due as of the claiming date and the damages incurred by his client. — [email protected]