People travelling in public transport to various cities have urged the government to erect an overhead bridge near Motorway Stop at Peshawar Road as their lives were at risk while crossing the road due to fast moving vehicles at this point.

Several accidents have occurred at this point with speedy vehicles hitting people crossing the road. According to the record of Rescue 1122, 7-10 accidents occur weekly at this point and the victims are mainly pedestrians.

People carrying luggage and accompanying their families face a tough call to get to the other side of the road, as they have to wait for a long time for the road to get cleared in order to reach their desired public service vehicle. Yasir Ahmed, a passenger coming from Faisalabad along with his family, told ‘The News’: “It is dangerous to cross this road due to the absence of an overhead bridge or underground tunnel.”

The traffic mostly remains jammed due to frequent interruptions caused by pedestrians in an attempt to cross the road. “When pedestrians suddenly appear on the road, it is not possible to immediately slow down the vehicle and it often results in serious accidents,” a motorist, Nadeem Ahmed, said.

As a large number of public transport buses use this stop to go to the motorway or drive towards Peshawar, passengers from Rawalpindi, Islamabad and their surrounding localities come to this point to travel to their destinations.

Source: The News