Rawalpindi: The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has launched renovation work from Committee Chowk to Sherpao Colony.

RDA (Land and Estate Management) Director Shuja Ali told ‘The News’ that the work on remodelling and renovation of area from Committee Chowk to Sherpao Colony has been launched, which will cost around Rs48.8 million. Under the projects, new tiles will be laid at roads, which will help easy and quick repairs in case a section suffers damage in rains or during movement of traffic.

RDA has started installing solar streetlights in Sherpao Colony. MNA Hanif Abbasi, he said is taking keen interest in the project and visits the site every day to review the progress of work on the project.

Besides this, Shuja Ali said the RDA has planned to make Sherpao Colony a commercial area and new shopping centres would be opened in the area to boost the commercial activities in the city.

Commenting on the issue of vacation of occupied land from encroachment mafia, he said that the RDA on Thursday launched operation against encroachment mafia in Sherpao Colony and during the operation RDA staffers removed more than eight encroachers including kiosk holders, shop owners who had illegally grabbed the government land for many years.

He said with the help of police RDA will soon clear up encroachers from Saidpur Road and other areas as well. He said that the evacuated land will be auctioned by RDA to generate revenue.

He also pointed out that some people after occupying government land many years ago sold it to other parties and whenever RDA launches operation against these new owners or issues notices to them, they come with legal documents of their ownership. “We are trying to trace out the real culprits, who sold RDA land to these people and we will catch them and punish them in accordance with law,” he added.

Source: The News