LAHORE – Speakers at a seminar on “Energy Efficiency in Buildings” have emphasised the need of legislation for the construction of energy efficient houses.

The Lahore Electric Supply Company organised the event in connection of World Environment Day at a local hotel here on Saturday. Lesco Board of Directors Chairman Ahmad Rafay Alam and Lesco Chief Executive Officer Saleem Akhtar were amongst the main speakers.
“All the housing authorities including Lahore Development Authority must introduce building codes for construction of energy efficient buildings to save the future of the country,” they stressed.

Ahmad Alam said that in the coming decades, our planet would be a very different place. By 2050, there would be an additional 3 billion people on Earth and 70 percent of the world’s population would be living in cities, he added.

“While many things about the future are remain unclear, one thing is certain that demand for new buildings will increase with more population in urban areas. And unless we change the incredibly inefficient nature of today’s buildings, it means an unprecedented increase in energy use,” he explained. If we could not adopt efficient technology, save energy, construct environment friendly and efficient energy buildings, it would be a ticking time bomb, he argued. Alam said buildings were one of the largest end user of the energy and that the carbon emission could be reduced by simply improving the energy efficiency in buildings and appliances, he added.