ISLAMABAD: The weekly bazaars in the capital under the umbrella of Capital development Authority (CDA) are seem unable to facilitate customers, as prices of edible items continue to soar. Such inabilities and dereliction to control prices and quality are giving bad name to the repute of Authority.

During a visit to these weekly bazaars on Sunday, Daily Times found that the prices of 11 edible items have further increased showing 11 percent increase in prices of vegetables 18 percent in fruits as compared to the last week. Different edible items like lemon, tomatoes, spinach and broccoli were not available at all the three Sunday bazaars in G-6, G-10 and H-9.

The prices of onion have increased from Rs 190 per five kg last week to Rs 196 per five kg, ginger from Rs 150/kg to 160/kg, lemon from Rs100/kg to 110/kg, Garlic from Rs 170/kg to Rs 184/kg, ladyfinger from Rs 90/ kg to this week rate of Rs 100/kg. Likewise, in fruits apple (golden) from Rs 60/kg to 70/kg, Banana from Rs 45 dozen to 50/dozen, guava from Rs 45/kg to 50/kg, fruiter from Rs 40/kg to 45/kg, malta from Rs 50/dozen to Rs 60/dozen, Musammi from Rs 70/dozen to Rs 76/dozen, and Kinnu from Rs 45/dozen to Rs 50/dozen have recorded considerable increase. Rafea Manan, a housewife, said the vendors were selling same quality edibles at different rates, as there was no check on them by the authorities concerned. She said under such circumstances it had become very difficult for them to run the kitchen. The demand for vegetables like onion, green chilies, garlic, ladyfinger and bitter gourds has increased manifold on this Sunday and these items are getting out of the reach of the common man due to their high rates.

Ayesha, a housewife, said in the present circumstances it had become impossible for the common man to provide two times meal to his family as prices of every thing were skyrocketing. She said vendors were charging different prices for the same item and not observing the official rate list. CDA chief inspector at H-9 Bazaar Muhammad Zahoor said they were making all available efforts to facilitate the citizens at the Sunday bazaars. He said CDA officials were visiting the bazaars with intervals to address the complaints of public. He said that it was also responsibility of the citizens to inform administration about any problem. He said on Sunday they ticketed eight vendors at H-9 bazaar, five at G-6 bazaar and six at G-10 bazaar for overcharging and misbehaving with customers. “CDA had appointed supervisors at all weekly bazaars to check the prices. He said the administration fixed the rates according to prices in fruit and vegetable in market and those were lower than to open market.

Source: Daily Times