In December 2010 Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Pakistan. The objective was to boost trade and investment in Pakistan. Before his visit to Pakistan, he was in India. Mr Wen said that he will seek to reassure Islamabad that they remain important allies, despite China’s improving ties with India.

Following years of mistrust, China is now India’s largest trading partner, with bilateral trade expected to touch $60bn (£38bn) during this fiscal year. The two countries agreed last month to lift that figure to $100bn (£64bn) by 2015.

It seems to me that Chinese orientation towards infrastructure development from Gwadar to the silk route again is for one possible reason of taking on a lead in the regions security situation to an extent which could jeopardize the US Pakistan relations. Pakistan Feudal Democratic premier Mr Gilani and has shown signs that his ruling party wants to allow the Chinese to make Pakistan slightly less beholden to Washington.

This happens then it would be a major strategic change in the region. The research on this subject is underway and revolves around the blood game of North Waziristan,the weapon supply to the TTP(Taliban movement) and ANP(The drug mafia based ethnic terrorist group and empowering them in the dying port city of Karachi to the emerging deep sea port land of Gwadar and to the sandy rocky desert of Dasht e Reko Diq which is hosting a 6.1 billion tons of Copper and 29 million ounces of Copper and 29 million ounces of Gold deposits distributed in two major and a huge cluster of tens of other prospects yet to be explored. The question is, who will get it all, the US OR China. The question of Pakistanis getting anything out of it is out of questions as we are busy in killing each other and our national development and research organizations are wrestling rings of Wahabi vs Liberal minded people who were supposed to be working together realizing their responsibilities the country has demanded from the local experts.

So here you go, The port of Gwadar and the Reko Diq Project goes to China as the PPP feudal minister cleared this to the US in december 2010 according to reports, and to do so, basically, it is required to destroy Karachi completly and demolish its economic status as a port city and back bone of Pakistani economy.
Reko Diq Prospect is situated near Koh e Dalil which is the tallest and steepest volcanic plug of its kind in Pakistan, a resting place of the army of Alexander and and a historical landmark at the trigonal Pak-Iran-Afghan border. This is a high rank economic zone in terms of its mineral potential and also closest to the Helmand province of Afghanistan which is the largest opium producing region in the world.

The case of Reko Diq goes in the supreme court of Pakistan following the latest developments of ECNEC (Executive Committee of the National Economic Council) holding back the mining lease until the supreme court gives its decision and stated by the illiterate chief minister of Baluchistan that the Australian firm, Tethyan Copper Company Pvt.Ltd had made no agreements with the government of Baluchistan as it was solely an “exploration” firm in terms of its status in Pakistan. Well, that is true because the agreement was with BHP Billiton which made the discovery but in the transfer papers to the new group of Barrcik Corp holding Tethyan Cruise in Pakistan, a statement of international arbitration was written which was signed by the government of Baluchistan, makes it a responsibility of the united nations.

Tethyan was building schools, computer centers, roads, and infrastructure in the area where local Baloch tribesmen are totally under control of the feudal lords and drug smugglers. So Tethyan gets reward. A good bye kiss.

Reports are coming that Chinese are going to build a smelter (plant/mill) with the Chinese aid to destroy the world’s largest en-explored Cu-Au deposits, just like they did it in the near by small mine of Saindek which became a Chinese whore house and a dead project in deficit because of the incorrect geo-statistical model of the deposit and wrong recovery methods taken out by the Chinese with the help of Zia ul Haq’s regime followed by his successor Nawaz Sahrif’s local “Provincio-Political-Scientists”

Former dictator Zia Ul Haq build very large smuggling routes to bring the drugs and weapons inside Pakistan through the sensitive border areas and tribal belts on which I will sometime write in detail. For now, the world should know that the Chinese are NOT OUR FRIENDS and they are not only there behind the Karachi unrest but they have also reached North Waziristan where they are frequently,supplying “weapon loaded trucks” to Taliban and taking back in reward, thousands of tons of very precious Epithermal vein gold ore and Cuprite/Chalcopyrite-Bornite(Copper ores) of North Waziristan to China through the silk route in routine “smuggling truck-loads” filled with the metal ores as seen in the satellite images.

Pakistan is probably the only country on the planet which is selling its most valuable economic assets to another country on the expense of the blood of its own people.

I do not see any other trade and investment agreement astonishing than this where importing weapons is the price set for giving away your national copper and gold resources.

The whole nation is being manipulated by a gossip through media, news papers, blogs that “Zionists”, USA, OR in general the “West” is taking away all our national wealth and natural resources but the reality is something else, as the feudal political governments want us to know what is not really true to keep us hating the rest of the world and killing each other in the name of religion and nationalism with the Chinese made weapons that they bought giving away our wealth.

No one knows what worst will happen to this country which has an ongoing history of wrong strategies, tons of conspiracies which have almost destroyed Pakistan as a state but one thing is for sure, we are very unfortunate as a nation in deep confusion and constantly under feudal occupation.