The loot sale of plots in Islamabad

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ISLAMABAD: The National Police Foundation (NPF), which was established for the welfare of police officials, has ended up scandalously allotting Islamabad land worth billions of rupees at throwaway prices to the ruling elite, including generals, bureaucrats, ambassadors, close relatives of top police officials and well-connected civilians.

The loot sale of a facility created for the welfare of the poor cops has been going on in sectors E-11 and O-9 of Islamabad, which were purchased by the government-controlled NPF on nominal prices for the benefit of all police forces in the country. Now it turns out that the privileged ones have gobbled up everything, generously.

Such has been the largesse of the NPF that some were allotted two and even more, while for some senior police officers, selected employees of the NPF and even civilians, floodgates of generosity were opened to the extent that more than five plots were given to one family.

In one case, an NPF employee got eight plots from the foundation for himself and his family. There is a long list of police officials and even others who got two or more than two plots in the name of members of their families. All these allotments were made by successive managing directors (MDs) of the NPF who, according to an NPF former MD, are only competent to allot one plot to each police official. How the civilians, other bureaucrats and military personnel were allotted these plots remained unexplained.

Such has been the fishy business of the NPF that thick curtain of secrecy is maintained to ensure that the media does not focus on the scam. The News, however, has been provided with a list of several hundred beneficiaries, whose allotment cases require judicial scrutiny.

The NPF sources said that the complete and updated list could only be provided either on the direction of the government or if ordered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Some top beneficiaries in the police department include ex-IG Wajahat Latif who got six plots for his family; former IG IM Mohsin got five plots for himself and his family; five plots were allotted to former IG Afzal Ali Shigri and members of his family; IG and NPF former MD Mian M Amin’s three family members were allotted plots; former IG Rafiq Haider got one for him and one for his wife; IG Rana Altaf got one for himself and one for the wife; DIG Laeeq Ahmad got four plots for his family; DIG Sikandar Hayat Shaheen got two; additional IG Tallat Mahmood Tariq got two plots; former IG Iftikhar Rashid also got two additional plots for members of his family; ex-IG Islamabad Kaleem Imam too got two plots; IG Syed Muhib Asad got one for himself and one for his wife; former IG Abdul Qadir Haye got two plots including one for his wife; DIG Behram Tariq family also got two; a police sub-inspector Ch Muhammad Akmal got three; even PSO to MD Mumtaz Ellahi got two plots in his name; and the list goes on and on. There is a long list of civilians, who were allotted two and more than two plots.

The list, available with The News, contains names of more than 150 army personnel, who have been benefited from the NPF’s generosity. General Pervez Musharraf, Maj Gen Muhammad Rashid Baig, Maj Gen Nisar Muhammad Khan, Maj Gen Farrukh Javed, Maj Gen Ijaz Amjad, Maj Gen Inayat Ullah Khan Niazi, Gen Sikandar Hayat, son of Lt Gen (r) Moinuddin Haider, son of Gen (r) Muhammad Iqbal, wife of Lt Gen Ali Kuli Khan, wife of Maj Gen Ch Sardar Ali and many brigadiers (some of whom were later elevated as generals), colonels, majors etc are also the beneficiaries of the National Police Foundation.

A large number of NPF beneficiaries, belonging to the defence forces, were not shown along with their designations. Such individuals include General Pervez Musharraf. Similarly many civilian bureaucrats, who were allotted plot by the NPF, are not shown in these lists along with their official status.

NPF Deputy Director Khuda Bukhsh tops the list of beneficiaries as he and his family was allotted eight plots.

It is pertinent to mention here that all the senior military officers and civil servants, including police officers, are getting more than one government plots at throwaway prices. The Generals are though matchless in term of what they get merely for becoming Generals and without any assessment of their services to the nation and the country, the situation is not too bad for top civilian baboos.

Only in Islamabad, every BS-22 officer, including each federal secretary and top policemen, is entitled to get two plots in the CDA sectors even if they have contributed nothing in their whole career. The state resources are offered in the similar fashion to judges of the Supreme Court, each one of whom is entitled to get two plots in Islamabad.

The incumbent Chief Justice of Pakistan is an exception to have refused to get second plot from the government. Journalists, who apparently safeguard the interests of the people, are too getting one plot in Islamabad and one in Rawalpindi. What the NPF offers is over and above the entitlement of the most influential classes of the society, which are getting major share of the state resources.

According to a source like military officers and policemen, some journalists too got plots from the NPF but the list made available to The News does not contain any name of media person.

The unchecked doling out of NPF plots has encouraged some top bosses of the police foundation to the level that one of its recent MDs on the eve of his departure allotted 11 plots to his friends.

These allotment letters were issued in the night of Sunday but to the bad luck of the then MD, his successor got these 11 allotments cancelled.

Officially, the National Police Foundation in its website declares that the Foundation was established in March 1975 as a Trust for the benefit of all police forces in the country. It added that the main objective of the NPF is to provide help in the shape of medical, education, one time grants, artificial limbs, scholarships, dowry, vocational training centres etc. It is a self-financing agency and generates funds from its own projects such as industrial units, housing schemes, security services etc.

Although NPF MD Hamayun Raza Shafi, a serving BS-22 police officer, did not talk to this correspondent despite repeated messages dropped at his office number; his concerned deputy director (Housing) Zafar Iqbal Sabir when asked admitted that the NPF has been allotting two and more plots in the past against the rules.

Sabir said that the NPF intends to look into such cases, adding that some of government servants and police officers have apparently misused their power. Sabir said the NPF is registered as a private charitable organisation and does not get any fund from the government. He added that the NPF did allot plots to civil servants, armymen, police officers and even civilians as per the rules and according to the quota decided earlier. He, however, said that there was no room for allotment of more than one plot to an individual.

On ground, however, the NPF is controlled by the government as not only its MD is always a serving police officer but it formally comes under the Interior Ministry with the interior secretary acting as its ex-officio chairman.

According to the list as available with The News, the police officers and their family members, who got two or more than two plots include: Plot No 379, allotted to former IG Abdul Qadir Haye; No 380 Mrs Shaheen Qadir Haye S/D/S (son/ daughter/ spouse) of IG Abdul Qadir Haye; No 28 Mrs Farida Sultana S/D/S of DIG Behram Tariq; No 29, DIG Behram Tariq Muhammad; No 225, SI Ch Muhammad Akmal; No 545, Mrs Farzana Akhtar S/D/S of Ch Muhammad Akmal; No 546, SI Ch Muhammad Akmal; No 672, IG IM Mohsin; No 1021, Rajeel Mohsin S/D/S of IM Mohsin; No 885, Dr Iffat Mohsin S/D/S of IG IM Mohsin; No 884, IG IM Mohsin; No 217-A, Mrs Nashita Mariym S/D/S of IG IM Mohsin; No 212, NPF Deputy Director Khuda Bukhsh; No 426, NFP DD Khuda Bukhsh; No 513, NPF DD Khuda Bukhsh; No 378, NPF DD Khuda Bukhsh; No 1074, Mrs Shahida Nasreen S/D/S of NPF DD Khuda Bukhsh; No 124, Mrs Shahida Nasreen S/D/S of NPF DD Khuda Bukhsh; No 370-P, Miss Nasira Naureen S/D/S of NPF DD Khuda Bukhsh; No 149, NPF DD Khuda Bukhsh; No 457, Usman Mian S/D/S OF IG Mian Muhammad Amin; No 606, Sikandar Amin Mian S/D/S of IG Mohammad Amin; No 606, Afnan Amin Mian S/D/S of IG Mian Muhammad Amin, No 479, Mrs Slivia Nishat S/D/S of DIG Fazal Ellahi Siddiqui; No 541, DD FIA Dr Kamran Fazal S/D/S of DIG Fazal Ellahi Siddiqui; No 542 Dr Naila Kamran S/D/S of DD FIA Dr Kamran Fazal; No 52, Mrs Farhat Razzaque S/D/S of IG Abdur Razzaque; No 480, IG Abdur Razzaque; No 556, Miss Amna Rizvi S/D/S of IG Afzal Ali Shigri; No 557, Mrs Mahlaqa Shigri S/D/S of Afzal Ali Shigri; No 558, IG Afzal Ali Shigri; No 1027-B, Miss Mahlaqa Shigri; No 1026-B, Miss Amna Shigri S/D/S of IG Afzal Shigri; No 1031, Mrs Gulshan lftikhar S/D/S of IG lftikhar Rasheed; 631-F, Mrs Sheze lftikhar S/D/S of IG lftikhar Rasheed; No 661, DIG Kaleem Imam; No 1041, Mrs Aysha Hanif S/D/S of DIG Syed Kalim Imam; No 289, DIG Laeeq Ahmed Khan; No 456, DIG Laeeq Ahmed Khan; No 4, Umar Alam Khan S/D/S of DIG Laeeq Ahmad Khan; No 5, Mrs Aisha Khanum S/D/S of Umer Alam Khan, who is the son of DIG Laeeq Ahmed Khan; No 45, PSO to MD NPF Mumtaz Ellahi; No 632-B, PSO to MD NPF Mumtaz Ellahi; No 66, Mrs Shehraz Sharif S/D/S of IG Saad Sharif; No 68, IG Saad Sharif; No 26, DIG Sikandar Hayat Shaheen; No 511, DIG Sikandar Hayat Shaheen; No 572, Mrs Waseem Sikandar S/D/S of DIG Sikandar Hayat; No 744, Mrs Sikandar Hayart S/D/S of DIG Sikandar Hayat; No 590, DIG Muhammad Aslam Bajwa; No 589, Deputy Secretary Tariq Bajwa S/D/S of DIG Muhammad Aslam Bajwa; 485, IG Muhammad Rafique Haider; No 486, Mrs Nabeela Rafique Haider S/D/S of Muhammad Rafique Haider; No 657, ASI Rana Abdul Rehman; No 656, Rani Naseem Akhtar S/D/S of ASI Rana Abdul Rehman; No 469, Mrs Salwa Rana S/D/S of IG Rana Altaf Majeed; No 470, IG Rana Altaf Majeed; No 722, Mrs Nigar Mohib S/D/S OF IG Syed Mohib Asad; No 643-C, IG Syed Mohib Asad; No 476, IG Wajahat Latif Khawaja; No 477, Ahmad Latif S/D/S of Wajahat Latif; No 787 Afzal Latif S/D/S of IG Wajahat Latif; No 788, IG Wajahat Latif; No, 787, Afzal Latif S/D/S of IG Wajahat Latif; No 786, IG Wajahat Latif; No 178-C, additional IG Tallat Mahmood Tariq; and No 754, AIG Tallat Mahmood Tariq.

According to the list available with The News in the National Police Foundation E-11 Housing Scheme the following defence personnel or their family were allotted plots: – Plot No 34 allotted to Mst Azra Sardar Ch S/D/S of Maj Gen Ch Sardar Ali; No 93, Pervez Musharraf (the ousted dictator); No 564, Lt Col Tufail Hussain Khan; No 425, Mrs Nilofar Ali Kuli S/D/S of Lt Gen Ali Kuli Khan; No 93, Lt Col Farouque Ahmed Khokhar; No 567, Air Commodore Syed Aley Raza; No 521, Col Raza Pervez Masood Akhtar; No 643-G, Brig Sheikh Muhammad Zulfiqar; No 553, Maj Amer Jalees Ahmed S/D/S of Maj (R) Idris Ahmed; No 554, Lt Col Tariq Nafis Ahmed S/D/S of Maj Idris Ahmad; No 236, Major Abdul Aziz; No 621, PAF official Zain Udeen Akhtar; No 550, Maj Gen Muhammad Rashid Baig; No 497 Maj Gen Nisar Muhammad Khan; No 645, Mrs Zille Huma Dar S/D/S of Brig Zahid Waheed Butt; No 676, Brig Zahid Waheed Butt; No 281, Qazi Javed Ahmad; No 650, Brig Shujaat Hussain; No 463, Maj Zahid Nawaz Bhatti S/D/S of Brig Rab Nawaz; No 624-A, Muhammad Arshad Khan Kiani; No 466, Major Muhammad Yousuf Khan; No 516, Shakeel Ahmed Butt; No 215, Mrs Ghulam Sughra S/D/S of Wing Commander M Bashir Shakir; No 733, Ghazanfer Ali Khan; No 493, Maj Abdul Hamid Paracha; No 489, Col Shahzad Sami; No 629, Lt Col Muhammad Iqbal; No 338, Ch Amir Abbas; No 638-G, Anisa Tahir S/D/S of Col M Safdar; No 205, Aurangzeb; No 398, Fazal Ellahi; No 680, Major Gen Inayat Ullah Khan Niazi; No 708, Lt Col Muhammad Afzal Rana; No 765 Mrs Ghazala Naseem S/D/S of Major Waseem ul Haq; No 741, Major Babar Warraich; No 706 Col (r) Munir Ahmed; No 711, Gen Sikandar Hayat; No 761, Mrs Ilmas Imtiaz Ahmed S/D/S of Maj Imtiaz Ahmed; No 638-F, Maj Ahmed Nadeem; No 763, Wing Commander Syed Sajjad Nabeel Zafar; No 676, Brig Zahid Waheed Butt; No 645, Mrs Zille Huma Dar S/D/S of Brig Zahid Waheed Butt; No 625-D, Maj Gen Farukh Javed; No 769, Maj Saud Gohar; No 42, Mrs Farheen Shakeel S/D/S of Wing Commander Shakeel Ahmed Butt; No 1035, Miss Sadia Afzal Rana; No 746, Brig Iftikhar; No 278-A, Maj Nadeem Rafeeq; No 16-D, Syed Najam-ul-Hassan; No 1040-A, Mrs Mah Rukh S/D/S of Brig Sher Afgan Khan Niazi; No 278-C, Maj Fayyaz Haider Lodhi; No 284-B, Brig Nusrat Ullah; and No 20-B, Brig Muhammad Ayaz Khan.

In the NPF O-9 Housing Scheme, the following defence personnel were allotted plots by the Foundation: Plot No 367, Muhammad Akbar; No 56, Pervaiz Alam; No 77, Major Abdul Quddus Farooqi; No 267, Muhammad Shafiq Zafar; No 1213, Maj Shahid Akram Kardar; No 9, Lt Col Muhammad Aurangzeb; No 288, Brig Javed Anwar Hashmi; No 297, Sqn Ldr Muhammad Iqbal; No 131, Mehfooz-Ur-Rehman; No 814, Brig Muhammad Hasan Aqeel; No 200, Lt Col Syed Abdul Momin Bokhari; No 201, Lt Col Syed Abdul Momin Bokhari; No 585, Maj Maqsood Ahmad; No 439-A, Brig Ikram Ul Hassan; No 1152, JCO Pervaiz Khan Jadoon; No 1139, Maj Pervaiz Nazir Shad; No 2140, Khawar Hanif; No 308, Maj Saeed-ud-Din Hamayun; No 676, Major Muhammad Wasim Khan; No 911, Masood Navid Anwari; No 711, Anis Ahmad; No 125, Maj Muhammad Ayub Uppal; No 698, Muhammad Munir Tariq; No 102, Capt Ahmad Sami Anwari; No 73, Maj Shabir Haider Rizvi; No 646, Lt Col Tahir Farooq Quraishi; No 685, Maj Tariq Suhail; No 1898, Col Muhammad Ashraf Chaudary; No 606, Col Syed Jamal Hussain Shah; No 683, Col Ovais Mushtaq Quraishi; No 58, Col Muzzamil Hussain Quraishi; No 700, Iftikhar Mehmood Kayani; No 666, Lt Col Sarfraz Khan; No 693, Brig Riaz-ul-Hassan; No 118, Maj Muhammad Latif; No 710, Muhammad Aslam Mirza; No 957, Aziz Khaleeq; No 956, Noor-ul-Amin; No 68-E, Kh Sohail Hafeez; No 1374 Capt Mushtaq-ur-Rehman Durani; No 695, Maj Iqbal Bangash; No 26-A, Major Zubair Ahmed; No 265, Capt Mahmood Ahmed Azhar; No 60, Maj Irshad Hussain; No 635, Maj Abdul Rahim; No 439, Col Gulistan Khan; No 1707, Raja Abdul Aziz; No 433, Major Ihsan-ul-Haq; No 62, Lt Col Ehsan Ehmad; No 169, Maj Khalid Haider; No 950, Capt Waheed-ud-Deen Zaheer; No 484, Wing Cdr Muhammad Afzal; No 40, Lt Col Sadat Ali Khan; No 699, Lt Col Tariq Mehmood; No 414, Col Muhammad Ashraf Mehmood; No 724, Maj Ghazanfar Ali Chaudhary; No 917, Col Tasneem Ahmed Khan; No 846, Brig Shujaat Ali Khan; No 1203, Lt Col Tahir Khan; No 1616, Capt Tariq Iqbal Malik; No 924, Brig Saleem Ishaq; No 36, Fateh Sher Bhatti; No 142, Major Muhammad Jamil Awan; No 916, Col Munir Ahmad; No 74, Col Muhammad Haroon ur Rasheed; No 479-A, Neyaz Ahmad Hanafi; No 797, Brig Anis Ahmad Bajwa; No 93, Brig Pervez Musharraf, the former dictator; No 775, Maj Kamal Shaukat; 277, Amir Jalees Ahmad; No 180, Col Tufail Hussain; No 1018, Maj Mushtaq Malik; No 1449, Ghulam Rasul; No 897, Muhammad Rashid Beg; No 535, Lt Col Noor Khan; No 937, Brig Rab Nawaz; No 1257, Brig Rab Nawaz Khan; No 1266, Col M Yaqub; No 1188, Zubair Aslam; No 24-E, Zawwar Hussain; No 140-B, Brig Riaz Bashir; No 31, Lt Col M Arshad Kayani; No 1946, Capt Ch Amir; No 2149, Brig Imran Rahman S/D/S of Maj Gen Abdul Rahman; No 918-A, Shahzad Aslam Chaudhry; No 2145, Raja M Amjad Khan; No 2142, Capt Noman uddin Haider S/D/S of Lt Gen (r) Moinuddin Haider; No 430-U, M Nasim Khan; No 398-S, Maj Ahmad Nadeem; No 2093-S, Brig Javed Iqbal Cheema; No 1278-B, Maj Ali Raza Mudassir; No 1283-P Nasir Iqbal S/D/S of Gen (r) Muhammad Iqbal; No 1912 Mahboob ur Rehman; No 1118-H Mubashar Ullah; No 1845-S Maj Gen (r) Ijaz Amjad; No 1750-B Tariq Hussain; and No 2093-P Brig Jamal Zia.

The details of the civil servants, who have benefited from the NPF scheme, include: plot No 725, additional secretary Syed Hashim Raza; No 410-A; Syeda Ambreen Fatima S/D/S of additional secretary Syed Hashim Raza, No 589, deputy secretary Tariq Bajwa; No, 1043, Rana Manzoor Elahi S/D/S of Raja Karam Elahi; No 36, consultant Ansar Husain S/D/S of Shamshad Hussain; No 631-C, consultant’s brother Hasan Askari S/D/S of Shamshad Hussain; Abdul Majeed got two plots; No 646, govt servant Syed Zil-e-Ali Rizvi S/D/S of Syed Sardar Ali Shah; No 627, Syed Zil-e-Hussnain S/D/S of Syed Sardar Ali Shah; No 10, Tariq Mahmood S/D/S of Syed ZiI-e-Hassan.

The details of the civilians, who were allotted plots by the NPF, are Plot No 70 Ch Tariq Fazal S/D/S of Ch Fazal Dad; No 666, Atif Fazal S/D/S of Ch Fazal Dad; No 667 Mrs. Kaneez Fatima S/D/S of Ch Fazal Dad; No 632; Mrs Azra Naheed Yousaf S/D/S of Dr Muhammad Yousaf; No 633, Dr Muhammad Yousaf; No 644, Muhammad Irfan Irshad; No 409-A, Awais Akhtar; No 234, banker Saiful Islam; No 543, banker Saiful Islam; No 63, Mrs Afshin Sohail; No 1041-G, Mrs Afshin Sohail; Ch Ghulam Mohiuddin Kharal got three plot Nos 87, 398-M and 85; Ch Javed Muaz got two plot Nos 18 and 19; Ch M Akram got two plot Nos 2018 and 1958; Ch M Yasin got two plots Nos 185 and 430-N; Ch M Arshad got two plots; Ch M Rafi got two plots; Ch M Amjad got two plots; Dr M Yousaf and Mrs Azra Naheed Yousaf got one each; Dr Nisar Cheema got two; Kh Javed Sarshad was allotted two; Malik Altaf Hussain allotted two; Malik Mehmood Ahmad allotted two; Abdul Mateen Kamran, Faisal Hannan, Umar Hannan and Miss Aisha Hannan, all related Abdul Hannan got one each; Abdul Majeed got two; Abdul Rauf Raja allotted two; Fahim Sultan Qureshi got two; M Afzal got two; Mrs Aisha Khanum and Mrs Hina Asher Khan one each; M Mansoor Asif got three; M Nawaz Malik three family members got one each; Mst Anjum Ara got two; Raja Jehangir got two; Sh Shauket Javed got two; Syed Ashfaq Hussain got three; Sagheer Ahmad got two; Ghulam Mohiuddin Kharal; M Mansoor Asif was allotted three plots; and Sardar Kaleem Khan got one.

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The loot sale of plots in Islamabad
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