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Lahore Future Extension (Projected)

Lahore Future Extension (projected). This projection is based on previous extension trend of Lahore City from out side Historical Walled City of Lahore. Lahore Canal Road is dividing Lahore City into two parts. Lahore was extending on both sides of Lahore Canal Road. This trend continues and we saw developments in the same direction along with Lahore Canal.

As Lahore Canal Road Widening Case is already in Case. Supreme Court give verdicts on Lahore Canal Road Widening Case as on 15th September, 2011 Supreme Court restrict Lahore Canal Road Extension:

The Punjab government and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) have been asked to ensure that minimum damage is caused to the greenbelt and every tree cut is replaced by four trees of the height of 6/7 feet, and this replacement when commenced and completed should be notified through press releases for information of general public and the copies of that should be sent to the Registrar of the apex court.

Lahore Canal Road Expansion Project will have major effect on prices and growth of Lahore Real Estate Market and will set the new directions for the Lahore Property Market. This extension will give a smooth and speedy approach for new developments along with Lahore Canal Road from Thokar Niaz Baig up to Sundar Industrial Estate and Lahore Future Extension (Projected).

Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is not considered in this analysis due to a parallel authority in Lahore. As LDA is the primary developer, master planner and truly represent Lahore as Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

City of Lahore

City of Lahore

Lahore Future Extension (Projected)

Lahore Future Extension (Projected)

Lahore Future Extension (Projected)

Lahore District Map

Black line outer circle showing approx boundaries of Lahore City District Govt. as per Lahore City District Govt. Map.

Lahore City District Govt. Map

Note: These analysis are just to give an idea about Lahore Extension for future next 25 to 30 years and should not be used for investment decisions.

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