ISLAMABAD: Overloaded vehicles carrying North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) supplies to Afghanistan have damaged the country’s road network, and Rs122.95 billion were required for repairs and reconstruction.

A source in the Ministry of Communications told APP that Pakistan’s road network maintained by the National Highway Authority (NHA) connects with Afghanistan via two routes. He said before their blockage in November last year, the Nato containers were being transported through Karachi-Chaman and Karachi-Torkham routes.

He said the Annual Conditions Survey, 2011 had observed that various sections, comprising about 26 percent of the roads, were in a dilapidated state. He said the issue had already been highlighted at various forums with the proposal to claim these damages from Nato forces.

A rough estimate shows that more than half of Nato supplies, including fuel, food and equipments were trucked overland to Afghanistan via Pakistan, with more than 300 of Nato supply trucks transported each day through Pakistani routes. And as the National Highways road network could not bear the overloaded containers supplying goods and fuel to Nato forces in Afghanistan, this resulted billion of rupees losses to the national exchequer.

On November 26,last year Pakistan shut down the Nato supply routes at its border crossings along the Afghan border after Nato aircraft attack on Pakistani check post. He said that overloading is a big problem resulting billions of rupees loss to the national exchequer.