Islamabad—Despite tall claims made by the development department of federal capital to clean the city, the anti-littering campaign looks insufficient to achieve the desired results, as heap of garbage can be seen in different sectors of the city.

The Anti-littering drive titled ‘Join us to clean-up, Islamabad’ had launched with an aim to maintain beauty of the capital as the focus of the campaign was to remove garbage heaps, construction material and other items which were defacing the capital.

The Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) started the campaign during the month of April this year to raise awareness among the citizens urging them to be part of the anti-littering campaign.

Firstly, the campaign was started from F/7 Markaz (Jinnah Super Market) and F/6 Markaz (Super Market) but the cleanliness situation of Islamabad is still unsatisfactory. The dwellers and visitors also claimed that large size litter containers, one placed in F/6 Markaz and the other one in parking of Jinnah Super Market, cause stringent smell. “The unbearable stench hits the pedestrians even it disturbs the people waiting for public transport at the F/6 stop,”said Salman Saeed a dweller of the capital.

Meanwhile, few of the citizens said that large size containers are not appropriate for the litter and other wastes because these can hold too much garbage that often create smell as CDA officials remove it when it is fully packed with garbage and it takes about ten days. In this period the trash dumps the bad smell in the area and not easy for the sweepers to remove the waste from it. They suggested that large containers should be replaced with the small trolleys from which the waste can be removed after short intervals of time.

The spokesperson of CDA said that the campaign would move only in the regular sectors of the capital and bins will be planted where needed. He added the citizens should also positively participate in the campaign and should demonstrate optimistic attitude regarding hygiene in their surroundings.