ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) Enforcement Teams, in light of directions of Supreme Court continued operation against the illegal occupants of CDA acquired land in Sector I-12 on Friday and got vacated vast chunks of land in addition to demolishing the encroachments and illegal structures.

CDA has so far vacated more than 2000 kanals of the acquired land in Sector I-12 in two days and overall 3500 kanals from the adverse possession in different areas of the Federal Capital from the commencement of the operation on Monday.

CDA Director General Planning, Ghulam Sarwar Sindhu and Director Enforcement, Muhammad Ramzan Joya led the operation for vacation of the land in adverse possession.

Chairman CDA Imtiaz Inayat Elahi visited different sites where the operation for getting the possession of land is in progress and directed the enforcement teams to expedite the operation to get the CDA land vacated from the adverse possession in the light of the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He has also directed that the operation should be across the board and no concession whatsoever would be given to anyone in this regard. He said that CDA is setting up pickets in the area after getting the possession of land.

He appreciated the efforts of the Enforcement Team and cooperation of the ICT Administration and Police to make this operation successful. He said that Supreme Court is being kept informed about the progress in this connection. He said that a coordination committee consisting of the representatives of ICT Administration, Police and CDA is monitoring the development.

Chairman CDA called upon the illegal occupants to amicably vacate the CDA acquired land. He said that the adverse possession of land and subsequent ill-planned construction has damaged the beautification of the Federal Capital. He said that the development in the city in a planned manner is the basic responsibility of the Authority and CDA would start development activities after getting the CDA land released from the adverse possession.

He said that CDA has worked out a comprehensive strategy in collaboration with the ICT Administration and Police to get the acquired land vacated from the illegal occupants. He said that the Authority has given prior notice to all such occupants through national media to vacate CDA land in their possession in their own interest.

He said that he would appeal to the people who are in possession of CDA acquired land to extend cooperation and vacate the land to prevent any untoward incident by creating any sort of confrontation with CDA teams, which are in the field to take over the possession of the acquired land.