At long last, the Capital Development Authority sets September 15 the day for the start of much-delayed work to develop Fatima Jinnah Park, popularly known as F-9 park.

Under the plan, the CDA will develop 40 acres of the total park area of 750 acres in Phase-I with Rs150.50 million that were allocated for the purpose in budget 2006-07.

Feeling the current allocation for the park development scant, officials fear the project might hit snags if the CDA fails to supply more funds for it.

Originally, the entire park was to be developed in 2004 and the CDA made available Rs3.8 billion for the purpose the same year.

Even, the services of Nayyar Ali Dada Associates were hired for park designing and supervising the project.

Though the consultant firm prepared the design on time, the CDA has yet to start the development work reportedly due to mismanagement of its departments concerned as well as the lack of technical staff for the project.

The delay caused the project cost to escalate from Rs3.8 billion to Rs5 billion in the last two years. This was enough to irritate CDA Chairman Kamran Lashari who recently replaced CDA Director (Environment) Maj (Retd) Hassan with CDA Project Management Officer (PMO) Dr Faisal Awan to oversee the Fatima Jinnah Park development and upgradation.

Officials believe the project, to be completed in line with the design prepared by Nayyar Ali Dada Associates, will take around four years for its completion.

When approached, Dr Fasial Awan, director (PMO) told this reporter that the Fatima Jinnah Park development work would start next week and initially, only 40 acres area of the park would be developed and upgraded in accordance with the design prepared by Nayyar Ali Dada Associates.

Source: The Post