The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will initiate three projects next month costing about Rs 658 million, a CDA official said.

The three projects are: an underpass at Khushal Khan Road costing Rs 434 million, a parking lot in place of Northern Carriageway costing Rs 154 million and a Rs 70 million project to widen the Daman-e-Koh Road, the official said. The underpass construction will begin on October 1 and is planned to be completed by February next year, he said.

The construction of the parking lot and that of a Southern Carriageway to replace the northern one is being undertaken in line with a revised city-plan for Islamabad, which envisages wider roads to accommodate the increasing traffic load, he said. Road expansion will require cutting down of some of the “green belts” that line the city”s roads, he added.

Source: Daily Times