DHA Bahawalpur Lahore Transfer Office opening ceremony held at site office in Lahore today on 06 June, 2016. After opening ceremony a meeting with DHA Lahore Registered Agents held at Defence Community Center Sector J Phase 1 DHA Lahore. DHA Bahawalpur Management proudly announce first ever Sub Transfer office by DHA. This credit also goes to DHA Bahawalpur Management. Before this there is no example of any Sub Transfer office by any DHA including DHA Lahore, DHA Islamabad, DHA Multan, DHA Peshawar, DHA Gujranwala & DHA Karachi. Hope fully other DHAs Projects managements will follow this practice to facilitate the investors in at least major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad Peshawar & Quetta.

Col Shaheen Gondal told that DHA Bahawalpur Islamabad office will be opening soon within this month and then in Karachi as well. While addressing with the audience Maj Hasrat Rafiqiue (CEO National Estate and President DHA Lahore Agents Association) told the location of DHA Bahawalpur is at Yazman road along with Canal. He said that project is located at very rich land and will set a new standard of living in Bahawalpur. He also assure DHA Bahawalpur Management that DHA Lahore Agents will do work with DHA Bahawalpur Management and will support in every possible way to DHA Bahawalpur Project. He said it is success of DHA Bahawalpur Management that within a short period of time DHA Management achieve milestone of booking, balloting and start of development and top of the list operation of Sub Transfer Office.