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DHA Multan launching on 4th March, 2017

DHA Multan Booking Launching 4th March 2017

DHA Multan is all set to launch booking plots on installment plan as on 4th March, 2017.

Brigadier Hammad Aziz Khan Project Director Multan is pleased to announce the Launching Ceremony of DHA Multan at DHA Multan, Boasan Road Gate on 4th March, 2017 at 11:00 am

Lieutenant General Sarfaraz Sattar, HI(M) Commander 2 Corps will grace the occasion as Chief Guest.

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DHA Multan Balloting / Daily Rates / Discussions

DHA Multan Booking and Installment schedule is as under:

Following categories will be will be available for booking.

Residential Plots:

5 Marla
Processing Fee: 5,000 (non refundable)
Total Price: 20 lacs (excluding development charges)
Down payment: 200,000 (within 30 days of balloting)
Installment: 150,000 (12 equal quarterly installments)

8 Marla
Processing Fee: 7,000 (non refundable)
Total Price: 30 lacs (excluding development charges)
Down payment: 300,000 (within 30 days of balloting)
Installment: 225,000 (12 equal quarterly installments)

10 Marla
Processing Fee: 9,000 (non refundable)
Total Price: 35 lacs (excluding development charges)
Down payment: 350,000 (within 30 days of balloting)
Installment: 262,000 (12 equal quarterly installments)

1 Kanal
Processing Fee: 11,000 (non refundable)
Total Price: 68 lacs (excluding development charges)
Down payment: 680,000 (within 30 days of balloting)
Installment: 510,000 (12 equal quarterly installments)

2 Kanal
Processing Fee: 15,000 (non refundable)
Total Price: 130 lacs (excluding development charges)
Down payment: 1,300,000 (within 30 days of balloting)
Installment: 975,000 (12 equal quarterly installments)

Commercial Plots:

4 Marla
Processing Fee: 15,000 (non refundable)
Total Price: 175 lacs (excluding development charges)
Down payment: 1,750,000 (within 30 days of balloting)
Installment: 1,312,000 (12 equal quarterly installments)

8 Marla
Processing Fee: 20,000 (non refundable)
Total Price: 350 lacs (excluding development charges)
Down payment: 3,500,000 (within 30 days of balloting)
Installment: 2,625,000 (12 equal quarterly installments)

Download DHA Multan Booking Form

If you want to apply for booking, we are providing free of cost assistance to help you in booking. Please fill the following form as under (booking closed):


  1. Aneel Abdul Rahim

    on   said 

    Salaam Atif Bhai,

    today i submitted my application to Bank Alfalah Branch in Karachi. they stamped my form and kept the lower part of the form with them and handed over the upper portion of form to me with bank stamp. now i do not have any slip number. i called DHA Multan and they are saying that bank should provide the Slip number but Bank Alfalah is saying this payment is different and does not have any slip number. now what should i do?

    do i send the remaining portion to DHM Multan address? if yes then which address should i send it? Please suggest.
    Thank you.

        • ok fine. Now you need to visit bank and collect your form from bank. You need to fill up the deposit slip like cash deposit in your account. In account title you will write DHA Multan and bank account number of that particular bank. Now you have already paid cash to bank. Simply get bank stamp on your slip. Join the both pieces of form. Bank deposit slip number in the lower portion of form in field “Bank deposit slip number”

          Submit the complete form to bank. Bank is responsible to send your application to DHA Multan.

        • Aneel Abdul Rahim

          on   said 

          Atif bhai thanks for your help. I went to bank alfalah today where i submitted the payment. They called their head office in multan and confirmed that the bank should take the complete form and send to multan branch. they gave me the copy of the form on which the bank stamp was there and took the original form from me. As the bank have a different system of payment i.e. Alafalah Transact so there is no slip number and the payment goes directly to the account and will update on the system of dha multan (as per the bank).
          However, They did not give me back my deposit slip as it was filed already and sent to headoffice. But as a proof, i have the stamped form from the bank.
          Bank alfalah have a different system which made all these issues and the staff are not aware of the process. Even other banks in Karachi are also not aware of the proper process as one person told me that he submitted the payment in hbl and sent the form himself to bank alfalah multan by TCS but on the dha multan website, it is written to submit the form in to the bank.
          Anyhow. I hope my application gets processed and included in the ballot.

        • Dear Aneel Bhai,

          There must be a deposit slip number written on booking form at bottom in filed “*Deposit slip number____________

          If there is no deposit slip number kindly contact the bank again and ask them to tell you the deposit slip number if they have already filled in head office.

        • Aneel Abdul Rahim

          on   said 

          Atif bhai this is the problem at bank alfalah. The system which is used for the payment is Alafalh Transact. Which does not generate any deposit slip number. Even i went to the bank yesterday and saw the slip. They did not put any slip number in the slip which they took from me. Also on the system i saw that there is no transaction nunber or slip number is generated when someone perform any payment.
          Although every transaction is having a number, but in this case i was shocked to see myself. Maybe at the backend of the system there are some numbers generated against each payment which the cashier cannot see.
          But these bank staff were not aware of any process nor the multan office person Mr. Masood Rizvi was of any help. Even Masood sahab did not pickup my call as i called him several times.

        • Dear Aneel Bhai,

          It is fine, sorry I forgot that you have online filled form. Every online filled form already have a unique serial number. You dont need to worry now. Last message was my mistake I forgot that you filled online form. There is no need for online filled form in deposit slip number field.

        • AsalamoAlykum Sir, I have applied three application form on same date (15-03-2017), but i received only one confirmation message (For Above 70), why not others (in General category) till now. is there any problem or For Above 70 category has less application as compare to General category so it takes time for confirmation.

        • Dear Maqsood Mehdi,

          I am not sure about how DHA Handling these applications. But logically there will very less applications for any other quota then General Public, so your application is verified early for Senior Citizen quota due to small number of applications on daily basis and General Public may take time due to heavy number of daily submissions. We also know that these are last dates now so every one who was sleeping from beginning of booking opening now wake and rushing to submit form now. So there is some extra load now as compare to beginning. If people were getting messages in 10 days in beginning then now people may get message in 15 to 20 days due to extra work load. We all knows that we usually rush when time is going to finish. It is my assumptions, I am not sure how DHA is handling this situation.

    • kamz

      on   said 

      Is there any relaxation in age for senior citizen category.
      The date of birth of my father is 02-Jun-1947 which is 69 years and 10 months.
      can he apply for senior citizen category.


  2. Saim

    on   said 

    Assalam-o-alaikum !

    1. Sir, I want to apply for Residential 8M,10 M and Commercial 4M,8M. I can apply in Govt Employee, Senior Citizen and General Public category. Your recommendation is needed in the matter that which plot size should be applied through which category ?

    2. What could be the estimated own price before and after downpayment of the said plot sizes(if remain successful in ballot) ?

    Waiting for your positive response. May Allah bless you.

    • Dear Saim Bhai,

      You want to apply for 4 types of plots and have option available for 3 categories. If you have budget apply all these above you mentioned and use all categories. Apply commercial plots on Senior Citizen and Commercial in Govt. employees and 8 Marls, 4 Marla residentisl in general public.

  3. Salman Khawaja

    on   said 

    Dear Atif Bhai,


    Hope you are doing well. I really appreciate your prompt and experienced feedback on DHA Multan related queries. Trust me you are among few reliable source of information online…. Please give your expert advice on following queries.

    1. What would be quota of disabled person in DHA Multan or what was it in DHA Bahawalpur or other chapters? What stand better chance in balloting or what is better to apply either in “disabled category” or in “general public”? Do we need any documentary proof of being disabled person or polio person “marks on left foot” as identification on CNIC is sufficient?

    2. I (along with family and friends using only 06 Nos, CNICs) intend to invest up to Rs. 120,000/- in term of application fee. We are from Multan. However, we can only give up to Rs. 15 lac in down payment. Please advise best suitable combination of plots (No. of applications in each category) considering we are more interested in residential than commercial plots. In short term (before or after endowment but preferably before 1st installment), we want to trade our successful applications in market on own/profit. Considering number of applicants and number of plots, what would be expected own / profit in all categories ( 5, 8, 10, 20 & 40 marla) before and after down payment. When transfer is expected to open? In long term, we want to hold and pay installments up to maximum 30 Marlas (maybe 3 plots of 10 marla)?

    3. What could be probability of success in balloting in terms of percentage? As per DHA Facebook page, they have acquired 6000 acres land for general public. What would be quota (percentage) for general public in Multan and what was it in Bahawalpur? What is expected percentage of plots in all categories ( 5, 8, 10, 20 & 40)?

    Please oblige us as your detailed valuable reply would be fruitful for all investors. Request to reply by 27th March considering last date.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Best Regards

    Salman Khawaja

    • Dear Salman Khawaja Bhai,

      1- DHA Multan has no disclosed any category Quota yet. Disabled persons quota was 2% in DHA Bahawalpur & DHA Peshawar. For disabled category criteria is “Disabled Persons @ Photocopies of Medical Disability certificate and CNIC“. I will suggest if applicant fall under any quota he should apply in quota. General Public is last choice, if do not fall under any quota then General Public can be selected.

      2- I better suggest you to apply for 5 & 10 Marla only. You have 6 CNICs, you can apply for 2 applications for each person, one 10 Marla and one 5 Marla. Although we recommend to carry the installment plot up to maturity. There is a risk factor involve in pre mature selling. However you may sell it once transfer open. We do not recommend to sell it before opening of transfer. Usually DHA open transfer before or after 1st installment. It is really hard to predict any own amount at this stage without knowing total number of successful applicants.

      3- DHA Claims that they have 6000 Acres of land for General Public to offer in installment plan. In DHA Bahawalpur Public quota was 60%. We have no information about number of plot for different sizes. However in DHA Bahawalpur it was approx 19% and 81% for 1 Kanal and 10 Marla respectively. Keep in mind that DHA Multan is offering full range at once in ballot, where are DHA Bahawalpur initially offered 10 Marla and 1 Kanal then later 2 Kanal and 4 Marla commercial. Where as DHA Peshawar only offered 10 Marla and 1 Kanal in booking at till today.

      I cloud not respond you in time because I was on Islamabad tour and came back to Lahore yesterday.

  4. Farooq

    on   said 

    Dear Atif,
    I am from Abu Dhabi, I applied the files for DHA Multan, send the transaction through net banking after taking confirmation from Bank Alfalah person. Two week before I already send forms along with recept, I tried to contact the Bank Alfalah person that confirm the acknowledgement that Fee received and form are OK. Every time He is telling the I am busy. More than one dozen time I called but same response. Please suggest that what to do?

    • Dear Farooq Bhai,

      Although there is no difference between manual filled and online application. I am not sure how to fill the application, but you have made payment through net banking.

      DHA Multa has given the contact number of the person of concerned Bank Alfalah Branch, but I believe one person cannot handle such load. As last date is 31 March and every one now wake up to submit application so I understand that the person must be very busy and could not respond to many by call. But hope fully you will get the confirmation message.

  5. Mushtaq

    on   said 

    Thanks Atif Bahi for your prompt reponse.

    I was under the impression that 10M plots will be less in demand as the difference in price of 10M and IK (Allocation/Land Files) will be nominal once own is taken into account.

    Also you said in one of your posts that “Own price of 1 Kanal will effect the own price of 10 Marla and 2 Kanal”. In light of that should one apply for 2K residential or redirect that application fee for a more lucrative category.

    Also I was under the impression that in short term 5M category is the best as it gets traded the most. Is that not the case? Is there a reason you are recommending 10M and 8M over 5M.

    Finally, I can only use 2 id cards (mine and my wife) so in this case what will be your recommendation of the categories that should be applied for and how should they be split (i.e. between me and my wife and between overseas vs general public)

    • Dear Mushtaq Bhai,

      Given recommendations are on the basis of previous behaviour of DHA Peshawar and DHA Bahawalpur.

      Selection of plot category is based on individual personal circumstances for example his need, affordability, holding power etc.

      As we have already recommended all categories. One should apply in his relevant quota category, last option is always available as General Public.

      If you can afford and have holding power best recommended are 4M, 8M in commercial and 2 K in residential.

      Please read the recent application instructions given at DHA Multan Official Facebook Page:


      1. There is no limit to no. of application submitted on single CNIC.

      2. Application Forms with due payment need to be submitted in Bank, In case branch is not accepting forms then contact Bank Complaint / Helpline.

      3. Mention Bank Account  as ‘’DHA MULTAN.” Or  “DHA Lahore – Multan Chapter. ‘’

      4. Minors (under age of 18 years) cannot apply, however they can become Next of Kin.

      5. Development Charges will be decide in due course of time. However, Development charges of 1 Kanal Plot will be approx. 2.1 Million.

      6. Quota has not been defined yet. It is subject to adjustment after response in applications.
      7. No. of Plots in each categories (5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal etc) will be decided after receiving application.

      8. Overseas can apply by attaching Visa Copy if they have Entry or Exit stamp missing on passport.

      9. Overseas can give any address either of Pakistan or residing country, where mail can easily be sent.

      10. 1st Ballot will be tentatively conducted  two months after 31st March 2017, to find out the successful candidate of installment plots. Location of all files (Installment + Lumpsum-Land Owner files) will be determined though location ballot which will be conducted tentatively after 6 months of 1st ballot.

      11. DHA MULTAN will be livable by 2019.

      12. Possession of Plots will be given after completion of installments.

      13. Total nominated area of DHA MULTAN is 9000 Acres. Area offered to general public now is 6000 Acres.

      14. DHA MULTAN will create web portal for all applicant where applicants will able to check the status of application either Approved for Ballot, Successful in Ballot, Payment Verification etc.

      15. Not even single application will be rejected unless repeated failed attempts to contact applicant, failure to verify payment.

      16. Balloting will be conducted separately for each category.

      17. Overseas can pay from Pakistan also as many of them are on vacation.

  6. Mushtaq

    on   said 

    AoA Atif Bhai,

    I live in Canada and considering to apply for a 5M, and 2K residential and 4M commercial. I wanted to ask you 2 things:

    (1) Is the a good selection or is there a better combination available (I am willing to spend between 30-50K on applications)
    (2) I can apply both under overseas category and general public. Which would you recommend? If you recommend that I should apply for both please suggest which size should be applied under which category.


    • Dear Muhammad Mushtaq Bhai,

      1- 2 K and 4 M are fine just select 10 M instead of 5 M. Also if have budget also select 8 M

      2- Overseas is recommended but try to use different ID card for each application.

      • Mushtaq

        on   said 

        Thanks Atif Bhai,

        But wouldn’t 10M be less in demand because of difference in price of 10 M and IK (Allocation/Land Files).

        Also as you said in one of your posts, “Own price of 1 Kanal will effect the own price of 10 Marla and 2 Kanal as well”. So would it be a good idead to apply to 2K or should one redirect that amount to another category.

        Also I was under the impression that for short term 5M are better because they get traded the most so why do you prefer 10M or 8M over 5M.


  7. Muhammed

    on   said 

    Hello Atif,

    Just let me know what is Account Name for the submission(overseas) since Account name is not available and bank here is asking for this information.

  8. Muhammad Umair

    on   said 

    Assalamualaikum dear sir I have just saw some of the negative feedback about the DHA city Lahore fraud case, folks r relating this project of DHA multan to the same person who was involved in lahore project which caused loss of thousands of poor people who invested there
    I’m from Karachi n I’m personally interested to book a 5 marla plot in DHA multan but after reading the negative feedback about lahore project I’m a bit scared. Help me in this regard please
    JazakALLAH in anticipation

    • Dear Muhammad Umair,

      People who are giving feedback about DHA City that it is not delivered yet and should be deliver. It is a fact and I cannot deny the fact. But relating one project delivery with other projects make no sense. For example if DHA City could not deliver and it is a fact then how could DHA deliver Phase 8 in DHA Lahore recently. People who are protesting against DHA City have right to fight about their Hard earn money and ask DHA City to deliver it. I am with those people in this case.

      But DHA is not a private organization who has a centralized management. Each of the DHA has its own rules and regulations and Management. Also every DHA is pass through a parliament Act.

      DHA Multan, Bahawalpur & Gujranwala are operating under DHA Lahore as Lahore Chapter.

  9. Salam, Sir I have completed my Application form from Karachi when i visited to Bank Al-Habib to submit the fees they received not only fees but also my application form. They are claiming they will submit this Form by their selves. I have now photocopy of my Application slip (signed and stamp by Bank Al-Habib) and deposit slip customer copy.

    Sir i want to ask is it fine?

  10. Muhammad

    on   said 

    Dear Atif bhai please give me mashwara whether to apply for 4 marla commercial or 8 marla commercial keeping in view the probability of success , future rate after down payment

      • Mohammad

        on   said 

        No if i am looking to sale it urgently soon after getting successful in ballot moreover i have seen the fatwa page and unable to understand what they mean just need clarifications from you that selling the file without giving down payment is halal or not while making a deed with buyer that he will pay downpayment and after transfer is open the full payment may be taken and transferred executed.

        • Dear Muhammad Bhai,

          What I understand after listening this clip by Mufti Tariq Masood is that before an agreement between you and DHA you are not allowed to sell. As DHA also claim the same that your ballot success is subject to down payment and membership fee. Now your question is that if Buyer pay the down payment and membership on my behalf and when transfer open you will give transfer then get the payment as well from buyer at the time of transfer. It is recommended to please ask this question to a Mufti Sahib, you need to completely explain him all these thing in details. Usually we dont explain all the things and try to get Fatwa from Mufti. Please also share your findings with here as well.

    • Dear Atif Bhai,

      There is no confirm booking ballot date by DHA Multan. However last date of form submission is 31st March, so it may possible that booking ballot held in end of April, 2017

  11. Muhammad Imran

    on   said 

    Dear sir,

    Its come to my knowledge that if ex-armed forces disable person applied in DHA , he will get confriom plot with discount rate.Is it true ?

  12. Mujtaba

    on   said 

    Dear Atif Iqbal

    Thanks for replying each question in detail.
    I want to ask two questions.

    1. If a person is retired Govt. servant; which category should he opt. As, the form mentions Govt. employees but NOT the retired Govt. employees.
    2. If a person is 5 days short of 70 until the due date; would he be considered in senior citizens category?


    • Dear Mujtaba Bhai,

      1. If there is no category of Retired Govt. Employees then he should apply in General public

      2. No sir it is policy matter he cannot be senior citizen, but he can apply in General Public

  13. danish

    on   said 

    assalam o alaikum,
    bank al-falah ki koi branch nahi he uae men
    keys deposit keroon dha multan k liye.
    please reply thanks

      • Mohammad Ishaq Khakhi

        on   said 

        Dear Atif Iqbal Sb,
        I am in Saudi Arabia, there is no branch for Bank Al falah, please advise me more details about net banking, how can i pay through net banking? any details ?
        Your reply is awaited.

        • Dear Muhammad Ishaq Khakhi Bhai,

          If you have a bank account ask your bank for net banking. They will guide you about it. Otherwise it is very simple, download application form, fill it and signed it. Send scan copy to any of your relative in Pakistan to pay in any Local Bank.

      • Yasir Irshad

        on   said 

        Dear Atif bhai,
        in overseas category, Can we pay thru online banking using our UBL account. We are applying ONLINE application and want to dispatch the application directly to Alfalah Multan with form and UBL payment slip (ONLINE) without visiting bank.
        Would it work or one has to deposit only thru UAE bank account and UBL account cannot be used for overseas Online payment?

  14. Yousaf

    on   said 

    Sir. Can i submit one application as overseas pakistani and one for different plot size as general public ?

    As you mentioned earlier General Publjc plots are expected to be more . Thanks for suggestion. Or shall i only apply as general public if no benefit of oveeseas pakistani . Thanks

    • Dear Yousaf Bhai,

      These recommendations are made in General. It is recommended to apply for both categories. However select different plot size in both categories.

    • Daer Hamza Bhai,

      You can apply as many application as you want in one category. But it is not recommended. Its better ti apply for each category. It will cost you Rs. 82,000 in total to apply one application for each category.

  15. Dr. Farhan

    on   said 

    Dear Atif sb, AoA

    Im very impressed after reading your comprehensive answers to each of the query. I also seek your recommendations.

    1. I am ready to spend 15000 for the forms. Should I submit 3 applications (with different NICs) for 5 marla residential or 1 application for 4 marla commercial? Whats your recommendation?

    2. Which category do you recommend? General, Govt, or senior citizen?

    3. Do you have any info about the service book as required by DHA?

    Im grateful for your advice.

    Dr. Farhan

    • Dear Dr. Farhan Bhai,

      1- I better recommend to submit 4 Marla File. It is all luck. 4 Marla Commercial will you a better return if successful.

      2- Any category which requirements can be meet.

      3- Service Certificate is acceptable if don’t have service book.

  16. Omar Khan

    on   said 

    Dear Atif Sb, Can i apply in more than one categories or can one person apply for only one plot? Also do senior citizens have better chances e.g. what was the quota in BWP DHA scheme for various categories. Lastly how BWP DHA compares with Multan in terms of area and number of plots.

    • Dear Omer Bhai,

      You can apply as more as you can for 1 plot on one ID card there is no restriction. But it is not recommended. We have witness people who applied in DHA Peshwar only 1 application have more successfull ratio then those who applied for multiple applications for a single category.

      All categories are better including senior citizen but maximum quota will be of General Public.

      DHA Bahawalpur Senior Citizen quota was 3%

  17. shahid

    on   said 

    Dear Atif

    Can you tell me (1) chance to get plot out of “Defence Paid employee quota”. (2) Is there any specific size plot is fix for Defence paid Officer (BPS-18) (3) Any discount offer by DHA for Defence Paid employee. (4) During balloting, is any consideration age wise seniority for defence paid empolee.

    sir tell me exact after confirmation if possible.
    Thanks for you cooperation and guidance.

    • Dear Shahid Bhai,

      1- We are not aware about Quota of any category this time
      2- There is no specific plot size fix for any category
      3- There is no discount offer for any category
      4- There is no age wise seniority for any category, however for old age citizen there is a separate category called “Senior Citizen (above 70 years of Age)”

  18. Mohammad

    on   said 

    Atif bhai what about the probabilty of 2 kanal and its rate of file as you say kanal file is in market it will less attractive .what about 2 kanal and 4 marla commercial .

    • Dear Muhammad Bhai,

      2 Kanal and 4 Marla commercial will have good own price but again things are related to each other. Own price of 1 Kanal will effect the own price of 10 Marla and 2 Kanal as well

  19. qasim ijaz

    on   said 

    Can you guess how many plots for commercial category 4 and 8 marla and one very important question selling of file just after getting successful is halal or not as you are in the business.Till now i am unable to find any fatwa on it .Kindly guide me .

    • Dear Qasim Ijaz Bhai,

      Please read our FAQ section and listen an audio message by Mufti Tariq Masood explaining the Selling & Buying of booking forms / files

  20. Zafar Iqbal Awan

    on   said 

    Dear Sir. I need guidance about despatch of my form to DHA through TCS. Can I send it and what will be the address with mobile or landline number

  21. Yousaf

    on   said 

    So overseas Pakistanis can submit fee through internet banking but only to given Alfalah Bank account and attach that slip to form and send it to given address.

    Is they send form to relative in Pakistan and they deposit slip here do still that form to be courier to given address in Multan. Thanks.

    • Dear Yousaf Bhai,

      If They pay in Alfalah Overseas Account then they have to send to DHA Alfalah Branch here at:

      Masood Rizvi
      Bank Alfalah, plot no 1009/1 Quaid-e-Azam road Multan Cantt,
      Multan Pakistan.
      Ph # 0092614504291 Mob # 00923006328420

      or if they pay in any other bank in Pakistan then they have to deposit the form in the same bank.

  22. Muhammad Irfan Aslam

    on   said 

    Atif bhai

    Thanks for your valuable inputs and services. Can you please clarify few queries below:

    1- If an overseas applicant asks someone local relatives to print and submit their application locally then how would they sign the declaration on applicant behalf? If we send signed scanned application then likely DHA would reject the application not having original signatures??

    2- overseas do not get entry stamps when they enter with foreign passport. How do they produce that stamp?

    3- majority overseas hold dual passports. Application form does not state clearly which passport number to enter and both entries are not allowed either ( I tried).

    4- if overseas make the payment to Bank Alfalah account online where and how they refer that in the application form to ensure its tracked against their application?

    5- on the payment section of the form it asks for bank stamp. How that can be produced in case of online payment?


    • Dear Muhammad Irfan Aslam Bhai,

      Thank you for your valued feed back:

      A- You need to download the form fill it, sign it and send it to via post to your relative in Pakistan or you may also send us at eProperty. We are also providing this service free of any cost.

      B- You need to prove your self as Overseas, if you have NICOP that is enough to make sure that your are Overseas. If you dont have NICOP, a work permit can help you. If you have Pakistani Passport showing visa of a country and you have exit stamp on your passport showing you have left Pakistan on this date it is enough. As far as you are Pakistani National you can apply. If you dont have Pakistani Passport, dont have CNIC, dont have NICOP and only have foreign Passport, it mean you are not citizen of Pakistan thus cannot apply. Only Pakistani can apply.

      C- You can enter Overseas Passport number, if you are entering NICOP or NIC in ID card filed.

      4- Instructions for Overseas sending payments from Overseas
      a. Fill your application by submitting required data in 4 steps, along with your scanned documents.
      b. Printable Application Form will be generated after successful submission of application.
      c. Download and print the application, and submit the application along with processing fees to any of the following bank.

      Bank Alfalah For OVERSEAS. or Bank Alfalah ltd.

      d. Normal Deposit slip be used for application processing fees payment.
      e. Confirmation SMS will be sent when application is successfully included in Balloting.
      f. Bank Alfalah FOR OVERSEAS (IBAN No. PK51ALFH0285001005105650 SWIFT CODE: ALFHPKKA285).
      g. Overseas applicant must send their application form to this address

      Masood Rizvi
      Bank Alfalah, plot no 1009/1 Quaid-e-Azam road Multan Cantt,
      Multan Pakistan.
      Ph # 0092614504291 Mob # 00923006328420

      Although it says “Normal Deposit slip be used for application processing fees payment.” but if you use to pay online then it will generate a transaction ID and you will get an email for your transaction as well if you have provided your email while adding Bank Alfalah Account. You need to write that transaction ID in your form in field Payment Details: *Deposit slip no.

      Also Bank Alfalah for Overseas mean if you making from Overseas. If you are overseas and making payment from Pakistan then you can make payment in any of the bank mentioned as it says:

      Clients in Pakistan and Abroad can deposit amount in any Branch of the following Banks:-

      1. Allied Bank (A/C # 0010026375710024)
      2. Askari Bank (A/C # 0000130100585800)
      3. Bank Alfallah (ALFALAH TRANSACT)
      4. Dubai Islami Bank(A/C # 0353876001)
      5. Habib Bank (A/C # 00427991726903)
      6. United Bank (A/C # 0195231687294)
      7. Bank Al Habib (A/C # 0080-900343-01/0001-0980-047839-01-9)
      8. Bank Alfalah FOR OVERSEAS ONLY (IBAN No. PK51ALFH0285001005105650 SWIFT CODE: ALFHPKKA285)

      D- If you seen on form it says:

      *Amount in Rs._______________________ Amount in Words:_______________________________
      *Bank Name & Branch Code where amount is deposited:____________________________________

      Bank Stamp and Signature:_________________________

      Amount in Rs. is mandatory, Bank Name and Branch Code is mandatory
      But Bank Stamp and Signature are not bold and also not mandatory

      Hope its explain the procedure, however if you still have any inquiry feel free to contact me.

  23. Amer Malik

    on   said 

    Dear Atif thanks for the useful answers.

    One more query for overseas i.e so you are saying that over seas need to fill the application form and then deposit payment online in Bank Alfalah (IBAN given on DHA site) after that send this form with the proof of bank deposit to DHA multan address.

    Am i right ?

    • Instructions
      1. Fill your application by submitting required data in 4 steps, along with your scanned documents.
      2. Printable Application Form will be generated after successful submission of application.
      3. Download and print the application, and submit the application along with processing fees to any of the following bank.

      Bank Alfalah For OVERSEAS. or Bank Alfalah ltd.

      4. Normal Deposit slip be used for application processing fees payment.
      5. Confirmation SMS will be sent when application is successfully included in Balloting.
      6. Bank Alfalah FOR OVERSEAS (IBAN No. PK51ALFH0285001005105650 SWIFT CODE: ALFHPKKA285).
      7. Overseas applicant must send their application form to this address

      Masood Rizvi
      Bank Alfalah, plot no 1009/1 Quaid-e-Azam road Multan Cantt,
      Multan Pakistan.
      Ph # 0092614504291 Mob # 00923006328420

    • Dear Umer Bhai,

      Yes these categories are available for applying but how much Quota is available for each category, no such information provided by DHA Multan.

  24. Waqas Mohsin

    on   said 

    Dear Atif Bhai,

    Which category of residential plots in your opinion has maximum chances of getting a plot in balloting?



    • Dear Waqas Mohsin Bhai,

      It is really hard to predict any thing without having inofrmaition of quota and number of total plots. As DHA Multan has not shared any infomraiton regarding booking quota and total number of plots in each category. As per experience of DHA Bahawalpur there were following combination of ballot:

      Total 1 Kanal Plots: 1279
      Total 10 Marla Plots: 5192
      Total Plots: 6471

      In percentage we can say there were 19.76% plots of 1 Kanal and 80.24% of 10 Marla in DHA Bahawalpur ballot. If follow the same pattern we can say that there will more plots in 5 Marla, 8 Marla and 10 Marla categories as compare to 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal. However these are all assumptions on the basis of previous experience.

  25. Tauqeer Ahmed

    on   said 

    Dear Atif Bhai,
    Present value of 10 marla plot is Rs: 35,00,000. What do you think its future value if retained for 6-8 months.

    • Dear Tauqeer Ahmed Bhai,

      35 lacs is booking price for DHA Multan 10 Marla plot but you are only going to pay 3.50 lacs plus membership of successfull. After paying down payment you will have 3 months for the 1st installment. So there will be enough time to get trade. There will be 8 to 10 lacs profit in this duration is market remains the same. It is just a guess

  26. Aamir Sohail

    on   said 

    Dear Atif sab
    few questions

    which category has more chances of being successful- General or overseas
    After download and attached the documents – we have to deposit this to bank or we have to courier to DHA Multan.


    • Dear Aamir Bhai,

      We do recommend all plot sizes, but 1 Kanal in booking will be less attractive, because 1 Kanal is already available on cash in open market. In slow market conditions other categories will remain attractive for buyer than 1 Kanal because 1 Kanal is also available at cash. Small sizes are more attractive for e.g. in residential 5 Maral, 8 Marla and 10 Marla are most recommended and in commercial category 4 Marla is recommend. However If you want to apply for each category, then you must have a budget of Rs. 82,000.

  27. Col temur Bhatti

    on   said 

    May I plan to apply for 4 M commercial plot on the basis of selling my 500 sq yds plot in DHAI , Do you think it is a good option for investment purpose please.Current price of my plot is 12 M.

    • Dear Col Temur Bhatti Bhai,

      You must apply for DHA Multan booking to get a chance. You dont need to sell your plot in DHA Islamabad. If you become successful let me know to discuss the future plan. At the moment you should just apply for the booking. 4 Marla and 8 Marla both are recommended for booking.

    • Dear Sir,

      You apply in Overseas as well and can send your payment through Alfalah Bank.

      You can also fill up & sign the form. Use your overseas number and address. Attach the required documents for overseas booking. Following documents are required:

      Two photograph
      NICOP Copy
      Passport front page copy
      Exit and Entry Stamp pages copy

      Attach all these documents and dispatch this to your relative in Pakistan and ask them to submit or you may submit through us. Dispatch all these documents at following address. We are providing this service free of cost.

      23 MB DHA Phase 6 Lahore, Pakistan
      (042) 111 042 111

    • Dear Umer Bhai,

      You can apply as many as you can. But recommended is to use one ID card for one application. Or you may apply for 1 application each category for using 1 ID card. Fill separate form for each application and select a category for each application and use one ID card for all. Best practice is to use different ID card for each category.

      • Dear Brother,

        This is Naeem from KSA, i filled the form by online. After signing on it can i send to my family it’s scan copy. And if they will submit the payment in any branch of Alflah bank lahore, Pakistan along with my scan copy of form. There is no issue. please guide me thanks.


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