At least one realty agency here says its female employees make more money than their male counterparts

Are women more successful as real estate consultants in the UAE?

And do they make more money for their company than their male counterparts?

At Better Homes, women consultants have been more successful and have earned more money for them.

Partho Bhattacharya, Director, Human Resource & Operations, says: “Women consultants in their company have been making more money than their male counterparts.

Asked if women property sales agents more successful than men, he says although it is very difficult to generalise; from experience their women property sales consultants have been more successful, but they have some “very” successful male consultants too.

So does it mean real estate consultancies choose to hire more women?

“Not really so, we hire strictly on merit both women and men. Depending on the nature of business, women have more affinity towards understanding a home and hence, able to correlate to the needs of the clients,” Bhattacharya mentions.

Currently, Better Home has 83 women consultants and 87 men consultants.

“We will continue to hire consultants only on merit; it doesn’t matter if they are women or men,” he adds.

Cluttons Dubai, however, says there is no statistical evidence that women sales agents are more successful than their male counterparts here in the UAE.

At present, it has a predominantly male-led residential sales and leasing department.

But it adds that in other countries such as the UK, there is a clear division between the sexes in terms of which sector of the real estate market they work in.

“In the UK as a whole, women stand out and are well represented within the rental sector, whereas it is more common to find a male within the sales sector.”

Cluttons says they are open to and actively seek out female candidates for upcoming roles, and are advocates of equal opportunities.

“The key to any business is how professional the individual is, and how this translates to a positive experience for the client,” it stresses.