Flaws in Lahore ring road designs trouble citizens

Bad planning of the fly over on the airport and ring road has increased the risk of accidents.

Serious flaws have been found in the planning of the airport road and the ring road. Serious errors in the construction have become a source of problem for the people and have also increased the risk of accidents.

Changes were made to the designs of the ring road to make it a single free way and as a result, many internal and external paths had to be closed. A person coming from Abdullah Gul interchange towards the airport via the fly over reaches a place from where it is confusing to find the way to the airport.

The fly over exits on the road from the traffic is coming in from the opposite direction. Commuters, usually from outside Lahore heading towards the airport end up going in a direction opposite to the airport.

Officials responsible for the concerned section of the airport said that the Civil Aviation authority had to construct a hotel in the allotted space which is why the location of the fly-overs had to be changed.

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