In utter violation of the rules and regulations as well as the verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has allotted plots worth billions of rupees to the officers who had joined the CDA on deputation or allotted more than one plot to the same employee, The News has learnt.

According to the details CDA has allotted some 20 plots worth Rs200 million to deputationists and some 44 employees of CDA got more than one plot, which include a few deputationists as well.

The CDA officials claim that the deputationists were employees of the CDA and were to be treated like normal employees therefore they were entitled to get plots from the CDA quota.

But the Supreme Court of Pakistan has set aside the demand of a deputationist to get a plot from CDA. The ministry of interior vide letter no. 1/12006-CDA-II dated 10-7-2006 had also ordered that the plots will not to be allotted to any deputationist.

The Supreme Court in writ petition No.676 of 2004 has set aside the demand of one Shabir Ahmad, a deputationists, to get a plot from the CDA. The CDA had also pleaded for the same from the court in its writ petition that deputationts could not be allotted plots from the CDA quota.

Wafaqi Mohtasib also gave a ruling dated 4-3-1998 that 20% allocation of total plots earmarked for CDA employees was one time allocation but CDA has allotted two plots to its 44 employees.

According to the list CDA has allotted plots to its employees in the posh sectors of Islamabad, mainly I-8, F-10, F-8, F-7, F-6, G-10, and others.

According to sources the allotment of plots to deputationists has been going on since 90s but during the period of current CDA chairman the process gained momentum and allotments of plots to deputationists was done every now and then. “During the last five years not a single order of Interior Ministry and Prime Minister’s Secretariat was followed because the chairman CDA is close to the president”, said the sources.

Ex-Member Administration of CDA who left CDA last month said that the members of CDA were to be considered as employees of the CDA therefore they were entitled to plots from the authority. Normally members of CDA come on deputation or on contract basis and both deputationists and contracts employees were not entitled to plots in the CDA.

Director Estate Management said that the deputationists could be given the plots from the CDA quota according to the land regulation law of the CDA. He referred to another officer when told about the decision of the Supreme Court about the deputationists in CDA.

Source: The News