LAHORE: In the wake of reports from intelligence agencies indicating high risk of terrorism at educational institutions, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) administration has taken measures to ensure the security of all institutions situated within the society’s premises.

Intelligence reports warned that schools present in posh localities, especially those offering co-education, could be the likely targets of terrorists. Several schools in Islamabad temporarily closed down after the threat while others found the warning rather alarming.

Measures: DHA officials informed Daily Times they had increased the number of patrolling security personnel around the schools. They said the police would remain present on the entrance and exit points of all educational institutions during school hours.

The DHA administration has also urged all school administrations to ensure the removal of any internal security loopholes such as small boundary walls and any other avenues of infiltration. In response, several institutions have increased the number of private security guards and have taken measures to monitor the school premises round the clock. In addition, they have also banned the entry of all vehicles from entering the campus, except for vehicles driven by known staff officials.

The DHA administration has also ordered that vacant plots situated around the educational institutions be cleared of vegetation, and officials were seen removing thick fences outside houses, to remove all possible hideouts for terrorists. At present, seven public and several private institutions are currently operating in the DHA, out of which many offer co-education.

DHA spokesman Tajamul Hussain Anjum told Daily Times the authority has taken measures to ensure foolproof security arrangements for all co-educational institutions. He said the administration had increased the number of security personnel to avoid any untoward incident. He said the DHA had its own security arrangements and authorities weres assisting private institutions in boosting internal security arrangements. He said the authority maintain regular contact with these institutions to provide them a sense of security.
Source: Daily Times