LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has decided to launch operation against industrial units established in residential areas illegally in the view to avoid human losses in future.

The LDA management has issued directions to the concerned staff to check installation and operation of industrial units in the residential schemes, situated in the LDA’s controlled areas.

The Regulation and Commercialization wings of the LDA have started carrying out a survey of industrial units that have been illegally established in its controlled area with a view to taking action against these industries.

LDA also urged the people for cooperating with LDA for the sake of their own safety and to avoid occurrence of deadly accidents as a result of functioning of these units in residential areas.

It has called upon them for passing information to LDA regarding presence of boilers, gas cylinders and other explosive instruments as well as industrial installations established illegally.

People have been asked to contact Director Commercialization LDA for this purpose on telephone numbers 99262321 or 0322-8888475 or by email their complaints in this regard at [email protected]