LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that crackdown against the people involved in hoarding of sugar will continue throughout the province.

He expressed these views while addressing a meeting held regarding hoarding of sugar and provision of quality and cheap daily-use items in Ramazan bazaars throughout the province, here on Saturday. Provincial Minister for Food Malik Nadeem Kamran, Chief Secretary Punjab, Home Secretary, Inspector General Police, Secretary Food, Commissioner Lahore as well as senior officers also attended the meeting.

The CM said that sugar hidden in the fields would also be recovered for providing relief to the people. He said that this crackdown was against the hoarders and not the sugar mill owners. However, the big hoarders will especially be targeted, he added, maintaining that all the dealers of sugar should bring their stocks in market and sell sugar at fixed prices. He said that all the Commissioners and District Coordination Officers should get complete details from sugar dealers about their stocks so that while protecting the rights of consumers, provision of sugar could be ensured to them at the fixed rates. He underlined that besides cheap sugar, pulses, milk, poultry at Ramazan bazaars, quality vegetables and fruits would also be sold through green channel.

The CM directed that in addition to 2.5 kg bags of sugar, one kg packets should also be provided in Ramazan bazaars for the facility of common man. He observed that there was no shortage of sugar in the province but the dealers by hoarding sugar have increased its prices to earn maximum profit. He said that poor people are forced to purchase sugar at high prices and facing serious difficulties in this regard. He said that the sugar hoarded should be brought into the market and sell it at fixed price and such a balanced system should be evolved for the determination of sugar price as a result of which dealers should also get due profit and sugar could be made available to the consumers at proper rates.

The CM said that all the dealers should announce their stocks of sugar and sell in the market so that provision of sugar at affordable rates could be ensured to the consumers. He said that all the sugar mill owners should get lift the sugar to their dealers by August 18th so that it could be made available in abundant quantity in the market. He directed the concerned departments to search the stocks of sugar hidden at various places and take strict action against the hoarders. He said that provision of quality essential items would be ensured at all costs in Ramazan bazaars and all the arrangements have been completed in this regard. He said that all brands of ghee would be made available at Rs.5 per kg less than the market in Ramazan bazaars while high quality sugar will be available at Rs.40 per kg and in this regard, arrangements have been made for 30 thousand tons of sugar.

Source: The Post