LAHORE – The staff of Town Planning Wing of Lahore Development Authority has sealed Al-Fateh Store, Commercial Zone, Gulberg III, on Friday on account of violations of building bye-laws and failing to remove the constructions raised against the sanctioned plan despite the fact that notices in this regard had been repeatedly been served on the owners by LDA.

According to spokesman of LDA, High Rise Commission, appointed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, had also directed for demolishing these unauthorized constructions in the store after inspecting the structure and irregularities had been made at site by the owners of the store such as: The store management illegally extended the basements under the front arcades and included the space into the store. Basement had been extended /attached to the adjacent plazas situated at property No 52 and 53 Commercial Zone, Gulberg III against the sanctioned plan and without approval of LDA.

There is projection of the building on first to top floor and falls on the road side. The projection has to be removed. Arcades have been raised on the front side which has to be brought to its normal level. The same building had caught fire a few years ago causing huge losses. LDA had served many notices to the owners of the property for removing violations of building bye-laws but to no avail. Therefore, taking legal action LDA sealed the building on Friday.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf vehemently condemns the political victimization of Irfan Iqbal. The owner of the well known shopping store Al Fateh in Liberty Market joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf two days ago after which the LDA sealed all entrances to his store, hampering the store’s business activity. LDA also filed an FIR against him on the pretext of an unauthorized parking lot next to the store. The Central Information Secretary PTI, Shafqat Mehmood condemned this act of political terrorization. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Lahore President Mehmood ur Rashid along with Insaf Traders Wing and Insaf Students Federation launched a protest against this act in Liberty Market on Friday. Mustafa Rashid President of Insaf Traders wing and Lahore Information Secretary of PTI Mehmood Gilani were also present at the protest.

PTI leaders Ahsan Rasheed, Dr Yasmin Rashid, and others held a meeting and condemned this act of cowardice by the govt of Punjab as showing their true colors of political persecution and the insecurities from the growing popularity of PTI.