The Malir Town Administration has said that during last four years of its term, it spent over Rs 1.83 billion on various development works in the area.

The acting town Nazim said the outgoing town administration had completed project for five million gallons additional water supply for the Malir town areas through the K-III project. Another project of 26 kilometre-long 36-inch diameter water trunk line is also nearing completion.

Development of underground reserve water storage tanks in Malir area having capacity of 0.5 gallons is also near completion. Other important projects completed in Malir town during last four years included conversion of storm water drainage into sewerage line from Malir 15 to Saudabad, development of double-track road from Malir 15 to Saudabad, building of morgue, beginning construction of passport office in Malir town office, development of Shahrah Liaquat Ali Khan Road, building of monuments on important road points, and installation of street lights in the town areas.

Source: The News