At a time when prices of commodities are already terribly high, Rs 20 and Rs 25 have been increased on the 16-kg canisters of ghee and edible oil respectively in the wholesale market of the city.

According to Fareed Qureishi, General Secretary of Retailers and Grocers Association, the price of a 16kg ghee canister has been raised from Rs 1750 to Rs 1770 while the price of a 16 kg edible oil canister has been raised from Rs 1650 to Rs 1675.

Sheikh Abdul Rasheed, of the Pakistan Vanaspati Manufactures, said that prices have been raised due to the high prices in the international market. “The increase in price has nothing to do with the coming of Ramadan. Such a step has been taken to deal with the raise in prices internationally, and also to counter the rupee depreciation vs. dollar. However, there would be no shortage of ghee and oil in the Holy month,” he added.

Source: The News