Islamabad—The Mini Tourist Train project launched by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) costing millions of rupees, has failed to achieve its objective of providing recreational facilities to tourists and earning revenues.

The tourist train was launched at the end of July to entertain the visitors and locals by providing them a unique travelling experience with onboard commentary about the city.

However, a week after its launch, the train was closed due to Ramazan as its timings were not suitable for the tourists. However, the service resumed on Eid-ul-Fitr but it could not attract sufficient number of people.

“We were very excited when we heard about this recreational facility in the city but were disappointed after boarding the train because of its short stops (durations) on various spots and missing promised facilities,” Nadia, a mother of three children said.

It was announced that street performance, photo shoot at mid point with on board quiz for children at the end of journey about the capital city and tourist sites to enhance their knowledge would part of this recreational facility.

“But my children who were so excited to board the train and enjoy the tour were disappointed due to missing of such facilities. The souvenir shop was there but not a single thing was displayed,” Nadia added.

Another visitor, Mushtaq Ahmad said “the tourist train is a good addition to promote tourism in the federal capital but it should be equipped with at least all those facilities which were promised by the authority”.