ISLAMABAD: The district administration has served notices on 14 housing societies located in Zone II and Zone V that have yet not had their accounts audited for the year 2009-10, Daily Times has learned.

Housing societies in the federal capital are infamous for not conducting their audits due to the alleged embezzlements in their accounts and in order to sweep their wrongdoings under the carpet they tactfully delay the audit of the account sections.

District administration has sent a letter number 1361/CR/ICT/B to Federal Shariat Court Employees Cooperative Housing society, CBR Employees Cooperative Housing Society and Ministry of Religious Affaires Cooperative Housing Society, letter No 1362/CR/ICR/B has been sent to Pak PWD Employees Cooperative Housing Society, letter No 1363/CR/ICT/B sent to the Management Committee of the Baltistan Cooperative Housing Society, letter No 1365/CR/ICT/B to the Ahbab Multipurpose Cooperative Housing Society, letter No 1367/CR/ICT/B to NIE Employees Cooperative Housing Society and letter No 1364/CR/ICT/B has been sent to Managing Committee of OGDC Employees Cooperative Housing Society, IB Employees Cooperative Housing Society and Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Society.

It was further stated that audit of the cooperative societies was to be completed within a month after August 2010 but after laps of more than nine months, societies have yet not completed the job and audit report of the housing societies are still outstanding.

Societies are instructed to complete the job and furnish audit reports, failing which action will be initiated under the Rule 48 of Cooperative Societies Rules, 1927.

Sources told that at the moment 26 housing societies have completed their audit and submitted the reports in the Circle Registrar Office but those who have failed to do so are instructed to submit the audit report other wise strict action would be taken against them. Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Amer Ali Ahmed, while talking to Daily Times, confirmed that 14 housing societies have not yet submitted their audit reports and that he had instructed the relevant department to ensure the audit of these societies because people have invested their life time savings in these societies. He said the onus was on ICT administration to ensure that these societies do not loot the masses.