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  1. Dr. Nargis Naomi David

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    Dear Sir

    With due respect, I would like to compose your attention towards the heavy encroachment at both side of the Main Road Husnain Abad, Lahore Cantt. This Rail Track side Road is sufficient enough to carry bulk of traffic but the encroachment and uncivilized lifestyle of the shopkeepers and the populace of Husnain Abad has made it worst even to travel through this road. Most of the road has always being blocked by the Rickshaws, Heavy vehicles, and other road blockers.

    The shopkeepers has captured almost half of the road in front of their shops and making life miserable for the peoples living or even passing though this road. Moreover, the youngsters of the area using the main road as their playground and promoting cricket as a tradition and the day when no accident has occurred might be a day of miracle and phenomenon.

    Furthermore, the people living on the other side of the population are now on the move to occupy the free land that is the property of Cantonment Board.

    isn’t this a shameful site that the cleanup operations and precautions to the locals or not making them think and react like a responsible citizen? In fact, their required operations clean up time and again for a while and inspections from the Cantt. Board officers to ensure that the job has been done and done with an everlasting impact.

    One more thing it’s another unfortunate disaster that during these operation cleanups many the shopkeeper and other culprits who offer and pay some amount to the officials never been punished and this criminal act encourage the other wrongdoers to get on with the game and toy with the laws and law enforcement agencies.

    I hope that to make the area a place to live and breathe your kind self will take an immediate action with a long-lasting plan rather an evasive action.

    Dr. Nargis Naomi David


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