PCSIR colony without power for 24 hours

RESIDENTS of a locality had to face over 24 hours long suspension in electricity supply as officials of power utility and office-bearers of housing society blamed each other for the cut due to a dysfunctional transformer.

Electricity supply to C-Block of the PCSIR Staff Colony that was disconnected at 6pm on Friday was restored at 7pm on Saturday, following a tussle between the Lahore Electricity Supply Company (Lesco) and the housing society management. A resident of the colony said Lesco staff were not willing to repair a transformer as they said the housing society was responsible for its repair or installation of.

On the other hand, the office-bearers of the housing society insisted that Lesco must have fixed the problem. Residents were literally made a shuttlecock between housing society office and Lesco office till noon on Saturday. It was a long and painful ordeal, said Ali Aslam, a resident of the colony, who added that about 500 homes were without electricity and water for over 24 hours, causing immense problems for them. He said many residents had to move to homes of their relatives in other areas to get away from the problem. When contacted, Rana Zahid Iqbal, Secretary PCSIR Staff Colony Housing Society, admitted that it was responsibility of housing society to repair the transformer while Lesco was only responsible for fixing the distribution-related problems.

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