ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on Wednesday ordered complete details of all developmental projects and boards for the Gwadar Port Project, and demanded a comprehensive briefing from the Ministry of Shipping and Ports, sources said.

The projects on which the prime minister demanded an update include the Gwadar Port Authority Board, implementation of a free trade zone, an industrial zone, an airport and various communication systems.

Speaking to the Pakistani High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (UK) Dr Maleeha Lodhi earlier in the day, the prime minister said both Pakistan and UK were committed to global peace, sources reported.The prime minister called Islam a peaceful religion which did not permit terrorism and extremism. He said that Pakistan was part of a global effort for a safer and harmonious world. He directed the high commissioner to maintain close liaison with the community and help resolve their problems, sources said. He expressed confidence that the Pakistani community in Britain would continue to play its role in promoting inter-faith harmony, and will strive to project the noble virtues of Islam in their true spirit.

The prime minster said that the vibrant Pakistani community in the UK was playing a positive role in its socio-economic development.

Also on Wednesday, a delegation of tribal representatives led by the Minister for Sports and Culture Muhammad Ajmal Khan, called on the prime minister at his residence and discussed matters pertaining to the tribal areas with him, sources said.

Talking to the delegation, the prime minister said that peace and normalcy had largely been restored in the tribal areas, and law-enforcement agencies were actively working to address minor issues that remained. He praised the people of the tribal areas for their patriotism and support to the country in times of need. The prime minister said that madrassas had an important role to play in promoting education in the country. The government only wanted to register them so that their function was streamlined and they could impart religious as well as temporal education to their students, he said. This would enable them to play a vital role in the development of the country. In case any religious school violated the law, the prime minister said, the law would take its course.

The prime minister also announced allocation of special funds for the development of tribal areas. While talking to Hujjatul Islam Syed Jaffar Al Hakeem, a renowned religious leader of Iraq associated with the Najaf Group, the prime minister said that Iraq had great potential, as it was one of few countries that was blessed with resources including oil, gas and water. He promised all possible assistance in the reconstruction of Iraq. Al Hakeem praised Pakistan’s progress in technology, science and economy, adding that it enjoyed an important place in the Muslim world.

Source: Daily Times