KARACHI: Baloch leader Hasil Bizenjo has said the conflict in Balochistan needs to be debated and the debate should be in the parliament, not in the National Security Council (NSC).

He said the Baloch had faith in the parliament as it could understand civilian issues and had the people’s mandate. He added that no war was taking place in Balochistan that required the NSC to discuss the issue.

Baloch nationalists claim that the federal government was not serious about resolving the Balochistan crisis and urged it to withdraw troops from the province, he added.

Bizenjo said his party did not agree with the federal government’s initiative because “an undeclared army operation is under way in Balochistan. “Troops are patrolling residential areas, harassing and arresting political workers,” he said.

Talking to the Daily Times, a member of the Balochistan Assembly, Mir Jan Mohammed Buledi, said the talks would not yield any results “because the government is not sincere in its offer and wants to buy time.”

“Baloch nationalists have already made it clear that that they would not hold talks with the government unless it withdrew troops from Sui and other parts of the province and released youths who had been detained illegally by law-enforcement agencies. First, the government should release them (detained people), and then start dialogue,” he added.

“On the one hand, the federal government began negotiations and, on the other, it has launched an undeclared army operation. If the government is serious about talks, it should create an atmosphere conducive to talks,” he said.

Source: Daily Times