LAHORE: The Punjab government has allocated Rs 5.55 billion for infrastructure development in schemes for 440 public buildings (houses and offices) of 12 provincial departments.

Of these funds, Rs 3.67 billion would be utilised for 262 ongoing projects, and Rs 1.88 billion would be utilised to initiate 178 new schemes in the financial year 2009-10.

Out of the total 440 schemes in both housing and offices, as many as 173 schemes will be for the Police Department, with 106 already being executed. Sixty-seven new schemes will be initiated in the department to improve the infrastructure of the department.

The government has allocated Rs 936 million for 28 ongoing and Rs 260 million for new schemes in prisons, Rs 376.44 million for 55 ongoing development schemes and Rs 212 million for 55 new building schemes in the judiciary.

In the Services and General Administration Department (S&GAD), Rs 418 million would be spent to execute 36 ongoing schemes for housing and offices. Rs 340 million have been kept for new schemes. The government has allocated Rs 4.5 million for three ongoing housing and office building projects of the Board of Revenue, and Rs 205 million to initiate 10 new schemes in the department. For building projects in the Communication and Works Department, the government has allocated Rs 111 million for 14 ongoing projects, and Rs 104 million to initiate two new projects.

For building projects related to the Punjab Assembly, the government has set aside Rs 262 million for four ongoing schemes, and Rs 19 million for four new projects.

Rs 23 million have been allocated for two ongoing building projects at the Governor’s Secretariat, while Rs 19.6 million will be used to initiate two new projects. The Labour and Human Resource Department gets Rs 11 million for two running projects, while Rs 3 million have been allocated for one project in the Agriculture Department.

In the development budget, the government has allocated 498 million for nine ongoing development schemes of the Home Department, while Rs 152 million have been allocated for five new schemes to be initiated by the department. The government has allocated Rs 50 million to initiate new schemes in the Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department, while Rs 27.6 million have been allocated to execute two projects of the Management and Professional Development Department.

Source: Daily Times