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About DHA Quetta

DHA Quetta is the first ever project in Quetta, the Capital of Balochistan. It will be 2nd project by Armed forces in Province Balochistan. First project by Armed forces in Balochistan is Naval Anchorage Gwadar. It is located at 7 KM from Quetta International Airport and almost 16 KM from Jinnah Road HBL Chowk at N 25. DHA Quetta includes following areas Kateer, Samali, Gadazai Malazai, Karak, Tarkha Gordat Singh, Mehtarzai, Chashma Baleli, Chashma Achozai, Sra Ghurghai, Sra Khula, Hanna, and Tor Ragha, including uninhabited areas of the valley astride Shaban Road up till Shamozai Dam.

DHA Quetta Zone A

Sailent Features

  • Expressway 316 feet
  • Parkways 240 feet
  • Boulevard 180 feet
  • Avenues 120 feet
  • Street 60 feet
  • Zone A (Business & Residential) 8000 Acres
  • Zone B (Education, Health & Sports) 2200 Acres
  • Zone C (Farms Houses and Recreations) 1800 Acres
  • Low Cost Housing
  • ntelligent Transport System
  • Smart Waste MGMT
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Wastewater Recycling and Management
DHA Quetta Grand Entrance Building B

Grand Entrance

DHAQ Grand Entrance aims to add an iconic & modern architectural identity to the city of Quetta, taking sole ownership of style & comfort as the main feature. Our motive to develop a grand entrance for DHAQ is to provide exuberant entryway instilling the sense of grandness, with a stunning first impression & an attractive welcome. It will also offer other fine business options such as Offices, Showrooms, Food Courts, Banquet Halls, Meeting Rooms, Departmental Store, Bank Joyland, Hotel & other related services such as DHAQ Reception Area, Marketing & Site Offices etc. This new elaborate & secure environment would offer facilities to all the future residents as well as non-residents which they will enjoy before they even enter DHA Quetta.

DHA Quetta Entrance Gate

Grand Entrance Features

  • Office
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Showrooms
  • Joyland
  • Food Court
  • Department Store
  • Banks
  • Hotel
  • Banquet Hall
  • Fuel Station
DHA Quetta Location Map

DHA Quetta Location

DHA Quetta Early Bird Sector A Location Map

DHA Quetta Early Bird Sector A Location Map

DHA Quetta Updates

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430 thoughts on “DHA Quetta Location Booking Ballot Map Developments News

  1. DHA Quetta Eid Holidays

    DHA Quetta office will remain close for Eid Holidays from 22nd May to 27th May, 2020. Office will start from 28th May, 2020.

  2. DHA Quetta Confirmation Letter

    If you are having any difficulty to check your confirmation letter. Please send message to our WhatsApp hotline https://wa.me/923111042111 for further assistance. This is absolutely free service by us to facilitate our valued customers who are having issue to download the confirmation letter.

  3. DHA Quetta Update

    Now you can download your confirmation letter online from DHA Quetta Site. It is first time that we have such a customer friendly DHA in Pakistan.

    Hats off to DHA Quetta Team


    After registering, you can signin here:


    Below mentioned fields should be filled same as the successful ballot application:

    Applicant CNIC (without dashes)
    Mobile Number (if 00923218469951 or +923218469951 is wrong, only 923218469951 is ok)
    NOK CNIC Number (without dashes)

    Make sure to enter correct data, a signle letter or digit mistake will return result into “Customer does not exist in our database. Please try again or contact our T&R directorate”

  4. DHA Quetta Update

    Last Date of Deposit of First Down Payment has been extended upto 30 May 2020. Confirmation letters and payment schedule for successful applicants of DHA Quetta Smart City Phase – 1 Public Ballot will be available on DHA Quetta website soon. Please keep visiting DHA Quetta website for updates.

  5. DHA Quetta resume services for file verification

    DHA Quetta is resuming files verification from all offices (Quetta, Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi) with effect from 21 April 2020. Following must be ensured:-

    1- Files will be verified from 1400 to 1600 hrs on all working days (Monday through Friday)
    2- Only minimum essential staff to be utilized for the purpose
    3- Verifications will be done on prior appointment on tel/ mob of concerned office
    4- Verifications will be done Only through DHA Quetta Registered Dealers
    5- Only one party will be entertained inside office at any one time
    6- Customers must come to DHA Office with paid challan before hand
    7- If approached by any customer without appointment, will be given next available slot
    8- All necessary precautions regarding Social Distancing/ Corona Prevention will be ensured by all concerned
    9- Files & currency notes be touched with gloves on

    1. Aoa Atif Iqbal,
      I don’t have much knowledge of DHA filing system(Affidavit and allotment). Here the price for the 1 Kanal affidavit file is 27.25 lacs while on installment it cost 57,60000. Can you please explain the difference?

      Thank you.

      1. Dear Shah Fahad Bhai,

        People who offer their land to DHA Quetta they get files against their land, these are called cash files in the market or also called affidavit initally. Affidavists files are also called as open files. Once it get trasnfe on some one name it become itmation and after paying DHA Membership fee it become allocation file.

        Booking files are direclty booked by DHA from a specific Quota on installment plan. DHA Quetta residential plots are booked on 4 year installment plan. Installment files are called allocations file.

        A third category of file is called Server Benefit Plot, it is also called as allocation file.

        All these categories have different time line. Primary files are cash files which offered against land. Once DHA has suffficient land for town planning DHA offer some of the Quota for General Public on installment plan to raise fund for development purpose. Third category is allotted to Army Personal against their services. All three types get location ballot at the same time generaly. Afte location ballot (Map) DHA start development charges.

        Please read the following article to learn more about Affidavit vs. Allocation files:


    1. Please inform in case booking date is extended for DHA Quetta Plots as I was interested but missed opportunity of applying. Thanks

  6. DHA Quetta Smart City Phase 1 Latest News Update

    Recently DHA Quetta Management arranged a meeting of Registered Real Estate Agent from all over the Pakistan about detailed briefing of the project. There were more than 50 Agents from Quetta, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan and other cities.

    Following are the importance point of the meeting:

    DHA Quetta Phase 1 total size is 8000 Acres, but it will be develop in stages. 1st stage will be 4000 Acres approx
    All 4 Marla and 8 Malra Commercials will be allotted at Main Roads.
    Zone A (Business & Residential) total area is 8000 Acres
    Zone B (Education, Health & Sports) total area is 2200 Acres
    Zone C (Farms Houses and Recreations) total area is 1800 Acres
    DHA Quetta will use 33% of land for large road network (as per National Reference Manual milimum is 25% approx)

    Expressway 316 feet
    Parkways 240 feet
    Boulevard 180 feet
    Avenues 120 feet
    Street 60 feet

    It will be first large scale housing project in Pakistan having minimum 60 feet road.

    Milestones achieved by DHA Quetta
    Construction & Inauguration of DHA Quetta Head Office (state of the art building, having all departments under one roof)
    Selection of Town Planning Firm
    Preparation of Town Planning
    DHA Quetta Grand Entrance Design and BOQs
    Grand Entrance Soil Investigation
    Grand Entrance earthbreaking
    Prequalification of contracting firms
    Construction work started for Grand Entrance

    DHA Quetta offering affordable Housing
    2800 units planned over 50 Acres
    Cheaper then conventional construction
    1000 sq ft in 30 las including land cost
    Weather friends and LT WT due to insulated walls
    Best suited for seismic zone like Quetta
    Eco of space due to multi storey construction
    Less construction time

    DHA Quetta is situated near CPEC Western Route

    Intelligent Transport System
    Laying of fiber optic
    Infrared Sensors for TFC Signal Management & CCTV Cam
    Integrated with DHA Quetta Mobile App

    Smart Waste MGMT
    Use of embedded Sensors / GPS on waste bins
    Dynamic waste management & routing
    Indigenous recycling with miun envmt impact

    Smart Energy Management
    Primary Source QESCO
    Establishment of 225 MW Grid
    20 MW Solar
    Project Cost: USD 285 Million
    Commercial Operations: 5 years

    225 MW Combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) with high thermal efficiency
    Smart meters
    Smart appliances
    Renewable energy resources
    Efficient transmission media

    Pipeline Water Resource Projects for Quetta
    Pet Feeder / Kachhi Canal 60 Mgd
    Burj Aziz Khan Dam 23 Mgd
    Halak Dam 4 Mgd
    100 Check Dams – TWs 28 Mgd

    Available Dams in vicinity of Zone C
    Shamozai Dam
    Kach Dam

    Mangi Dam
    Location: Mangi Dam is proposed to the constructed near Mangi Village on Khost River about 76 KM from Quetta City
    Objective: Providing about 8.1 MGD un-interrupted drinking water supplied for Quetta
    Executive Agency: Public Health Engineering Department
    Consultant: ACE Joint Venture
    Civil Work Contractors: M/s Zahir Khan & Brothers (ZKB) & NLC on 29-12-2016
    Groundbreaking ceremony held on 11 April, 2017
    Date of completion December, 2020
    Present progress 65%

    Improved Regulations & Bylaws
    Separate Supply Pipe Lines for portable (drinking) & non potable usage
    Mandatory rooftop rainwater harvesting for non-potable water use (garden, flush tanks, car washing etc.)
    Water efficient bathroom accessories
    Groundwater recharge – sump well
    Water efficient gadgets
    Rainwater Harvesting
    Wastewater Recycling and Management

  7. DHA Quetta Latest News

    Last date to apply for DHA Quetta Installment plan is 13 December, 2019. Book your address in most prestigious housing scheme of Quetta. Don’t forget to mention eProperty in others field of How did you hear about us? at the end of online booking form and back side of printed booking form.

  8. DHA Quetta Update

    As previously shared that DHA Quetta Phase 1 size is 8000 Acres approx.

    We are recently updated that it will be developed in stages. Stage 1 size of Phase 1 will be much smaller and in accordance with Quetta City. Also Quetta City is located at strategic location and Capital of Balochistan. Quetta City is a gateway to Central Asia Countries.

    Quetta is a trade route from centuries. Also CPEC main route is crossing through Quetta City.

  9. DHA Quetta Update

    Today earth work starting for DHA Quetta Grand Entrance. Site is being handed to contractor today.

    Congratulations for all DHA Quetta files holders.

    For updates stay tuned:

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