LAHORITES had respite from load shedding on Saturday and Sunday thanks to rain and pleasant weather.People welcomed the change and praised the PEPCO and the LESCO for giving relief to citizens facing the power crisis.

They said the PEPCO should be credited for a hiatus in power outages even though it was the pleasant weather that had made it possible. They said such a respite from load shedding had never been experienced even though weather had turned pleasant many a times.

People calling from all across the city expressed pleasure on the commissioning of the Atlas Power Plant on the Lahore-Sheikhupura Road. They hoped that additional power generation would help curtail the duration of loadshedding.

Authorities, however, said the power supply from this new power plant would be first supplied to the national power grid and then supplied uniformly throughout the country. The KESC would also get its share of power from this power plant.

People have criticised this move, saying there was no loadshedding in Karachi and Lahore and Faisalabad were the hardest hit cities in the country and they should be given a priority as Faisalabad was the major industrial hub.

They also expressed concern about the delay in re-commissioning of the Southern Electric Power Plant the SEPCOL and Japan Electric Power Plant. They said load shedding in Lahore and Faisalabad could only be ended once these plants started working. They said authorities should put their political interests out of the equation and give priority to the public interest.

Loadshedding resumed on Monday for six to eight hours in urban areas and 10 hours in rural areas as weather turned hot again. According to a spokesman for LESCO, the shortfall in demand and supply was 750MW on Monday. According to WAPDA authorities, the generation from the overall hydro-power plants was 6,500MW.

According to sources of the Ministry of Water and Power, power generation from the Atlas Power Plant was 45MW on Monday evening. He said the maximum generation from the power plant was 198MW so far and that was on Sunday morning.

Source: The News