A general house of Lahore High Court Bar Association Monday passed a unanimous resolution against proposed reappointment of judges who belonged to what it called ‘Dogar Court’.

The house expressed deep concern over the speculative list which appeared in a section of the press regarding the names of those who were apparently proposed to be elevated as judges of Lahore High Court. The house observed that several persons on the list appeared to be previous appointees as judges or law officers who were recommended by the ‘Dogar Court’.

Their act of succumbing to the temptations of illegal holders of the highest offices in high court and the Supreme Court render their credentials dubious, the house meeting presided over by LHCBA President Nasira Iqbal remarked.

Nasira said they lost respect of members of the bar. How they can dispense justice to the citizens when they could not do justice to themselves and their profession, she said and added the elevation of such persons would frustrate true spirit of the lawyers’ movement. She demanded that the nominees for elevation should be persons of known integrity. “There are many persons who would meet the stringent criteria for appointment of judges, who did not yield to any temptation during the dark period of unconstitutional judiciary initiated by Musharraf,” the resolution said.

Source: The News