Dubai is an excellent place to stay in the UAE, ensuring peace and harmony for all the people that live here, belonging to any culture or religion. In terms of accelerating number of immigrants, it is among the fastest growing cities of the world. Apart from a welcoming and peaceful environment it offers the luxury of a modern life style with the best accommodation. Real estate investors and estate agents consider it a great opportunity for them to invest in the property sector. During the period of economic recession for past two to three years, Dubai got affected badly by the continuous increase in the population.

This caused the rental prices to fall as there were more properties on supple then the demand in the market, due to which Dubai rental and real estate sector suffered a great deal in 2009 and first quarter of 2010. In the third quarter of 2010 there was some recovery in the economy and some useful hike in the job stability. As a result the last quarter of 2010 proved to be improving for the Dubai rental market as the rate of demand for rental properties increased in some area of Dubai.

Office in Dubai is also high in demand by smaller firms and businesses moving to Dubai, these businesses are mostly looking to acquire an office on rent. People obviously look to start a business where there is safe environment, lavish life style, and residents that are willing to spend money. They look for an accommodated office in Dubai to impress not only their clients, but to provide a comfortable and convenient work environment to their employees.

Once the business gets established and if you require more space a bigger office can also be acquired. Location of your office in Dubai is also very important, areas like Business bay, Dubai marina, or Jebel Ali where there is more commercial activity can be a good choice.

Many people think that the best property investment can easily be found in Dubai, despite prosperous market, its no-doubt a very difficult assignment to choose the best property investment in Dubai. Considerable scrutiny and investigation is required one need to look at all the categories of properties shall it be residential, or a business property, to select the best property investment in Dubai. Property investment also depends upon your finances and the price offered in the market. In the end, you are the only one who can finalize the best property investment in Dubai.